Tuff Fitty Lido Race 3 August 18

This year’s third Club event at Arundel Lido saw a return to warm sunny weather and despite being in the holiday season, over 30 club members were in attendance.

The evening commenced by pairing people up to get combined times that would prove comparable over the swim and run.

There was a mass start with the first team member embarking on their 400m swim. As soon as they completed the 16 laps they had to ‘hi-five’ their teammate. This enabled that person to start on their swim whilst the first person pulled on their trainers for a run along the riverbank. Team tactics were used here as in general the ‘not so quick’  member would swim first and would start their run to be chased down by the second member to try and get both of them home first.

In the swim, Tuffs could see how Drew Gowland dealt with the opposition during last weeks GB duties as he stormed through the 400m in just 4:53, with some more speedy times from Coach Kev Pearson, practising what he preaches, Joe Pascoe & Anthony Towers. Five of our ladies all tagged their teammate at exactly the same time illustrating how close the racing was.  The run time included transition and one stile which had to be overcome. This was because a riverbank run route was chosen as the traditional Mill Road route was busy with the Festival street bar.  There were some strong run splits despite the riverbank terrain, with Joe Pascoe obtaining the fastest run split. Joe was reeling in Drew for the outright win but he had been hoping for a slightly longer run as Drew managed to hold him off by 20 seconds for first place overall. Kev took 3rd place just 23 seconds behind. Former Tuff Henry Teague-Smith has taken time off with his business, so it was great to see him come along with Juliette as Henry took fourth place. Tiff Orton was first female with a tie between Francesca Mordell & Juliette Reader for second in exactly the same time. The times listed below do not contain a typo, Francesca and Juliette really did both get exactly the same swim and run times. They did not cross the line together as one was the first time member to go and the other second which made the parity impressive.

Plenty of other club members were officiating, cooking or came just for the social and food. Once again Jon & Glenn slaved over a hot barbecue and Catharine Western provided her tasty salads which were well received again.  Trev Harvey, Tom Gray & Clive Harvey ensured the photographic and timing evidence were recorded, which are listed below, as the racers each received the customary piece of bling for crossing the line.

As the Lido closed a third of the attendees wandered over the Town Bridge to the Street bar set up in Jubilee Gardens where real ale and a very enlightening Burlesque show was being staged!   – see snap below! This rounded off another successful Tuff Summer Lido series.

(Footnote: The mystery of the unclaimed men’s trisuit, for two months was finally resolved when it’s rightful owner frantically realised as he was leaving for Arundel that his was missing. Chairman (aka lost property magnet) was relieved to finally offload, only to undertake a final sweep of the Lido to find……….. a left behind men’s trisuit!!. Oh no, back to square one again!)

Swim T1 + Run Total
Drew Gowland 04:53 09:07 14:00
Joe Pascoe 06:03 08:17 14:20
Kev Pearson 05:50 08:53 14:43
Henry Teague-Smith 07:10 08:35 15:45
Matt Whittaker 07:05 08:51 15:56
Anthony Towers 06:19 09:52 16:11
Pete Littleboy 07:24 09:10 16:34
Olly Sampson 07:05 10:21 17:26
Ben Abbott 07:08 10:21 17:29
Tiff Orton 07:26 10:29 17:55
Francesca Mordell 07:26 11:09 18:35
Juliette Reader 07:26 11:09 18:35
Sharon Tidmarsh 09:14 10:27 19:41
Antony Oliver 08:51 11:07 19:58
Susan Douglas 07:26 13:33 20:59
Cathy Oliver 09:21 12:27 21:48
Chris Evans 08:10 14:20 22:30
Claire Moyle 10:05 15:19 25:24:00
Nancy Liddell 07:26 0
Graham Liddell 08:07 0

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