Weekend Round Up 9th 10th March

With so many occupied ensuring last weekend’s Frosty was successful, this weekend was a chance to get some strong mileage in, with many back on the training trail in extremely blustery conditions biking and running.

Triathlon can be an individual sport, but being part of a club can provide great motivation to train with like minded people; particularly in this inclement weather. Individually our members are achieving great things (several PB’s below) and Claire Moyle has provided an update. But first another great benefit is how by linking together we can aim even higher as highlighted at the West Worthing 10k on Sunday.

Top banner shot from left to right: Olivia & Danny Bruce; Chris Sloggett, Clive Harvey, Paul Martin, Simon Thistlethwaite, Jon Babbage & Alex webb. above: Claire Moyle


A local 10k on Worthing seafront which served as a fundraiser for Special Schools in Sussex, including Oak Grove where Claire works. There was also the comment on the entry form “a team prize (three to score)” Could Tuffs muster a team was raised? – Alex Webb takes up the story:- .

“I had been monitoring the weather forecast for a few days prior to Sunday and I knew it was going to be windy.   But on the morning of the race my weather app said there were gusts of 40-50 mph.  It was going to be a tough one.

Clive and a few other Tuffs were already there when I arrived.  Even putting my race number on was a problem with the wind – thank goodness for Clive’s car. We bounced up and down at the start line to keep warm as we waited for the Mayor to arrive to get us underway.

Once we were running I found myself with fellow Tuffs Simon and Jon and we made good time down to the 5k point with the wind at our backs.  After the turn it was a different story. I’ve never raced against such a strong wind before. I tried to lengthen my stride and it helped having Simon and Jon in close proximity but it was exhausting, probably the hardest 10k race I’ve ever done.

I had targeted my first sub-40 when I signed up but that was always going to be difficult in the conditions.  However I did manage a PB so pretty satisfied.  Once we’d finished the rumours were that we might have taken the team prize and so it proved it be.  Success!  Great result for the Tuffs”. 


Team winners: l to r Alex, Jon & Simon

Where the team prize was heading looked a good bet with a cluster of Tuff vests near the front, and so it proved with Alex, 9th overall in 40:33; then Simon, 12th in 40:44, and Jon 14th in 40:57, top 3 under 41 minutes; brilliant. The quality continued with depth as well as Paul finished 32nd and Chris just behind in 35ths. Danny continues his comeback after most of last year written off through injury, Clive & Claire completed the wind battered 8. Well done to Danny’s daughter Olivia who ran again, and Jon’s wife Shelley in her first 10k. .

We also had a great talk with a potential Tuff who raced at the Frosty last week and is requesting a membership form. To anyone else interested, come and join in – we can help you meet your goals.


Rachel Brunning is continuing her quest to reach 50 Half Marathons before a certain landmark birthday and this week took her to Woking for a single lap loop around the countryside between Woking and Guildford. Crossing the finish line secured Half number 41.

Rachel reported that “It was blowing a gale but the race was really friendly, well organised, flat, closed roads, and most importantly the REAL ABBA were running!!!!!”



It is only March but Claire Moyle has already racked up lots of events and reports in:-

“This week was the start of my race season and I must say winter strength training seems to have worked. The weather has not been the kindness with blustery winds to deal with on every race. I started with the Frosty and managed a PB both in the pool 800m 18.30 and 10k 1:09:18 when on Wednesday I did the Arunners handicap race 3.5 miles in 36:18 a new PB. On Saturday I ran Bognor Park run and again a PB 33.40 and on Sunday with the wind really trying to knock me off my feet I ran the West Worthing 10k and yes; another PB 1:08.35. I might not seem to happy when I am doing the strength training sessions, but I am very happy with the results, so maybe I will stick with it. Thanks to all the Tuffs that always give me support and I now quite like running.”



There have been many questions about when the new Littlehampton Wave will open and we await a formal date from the Council. However as the date draws near we have ascertained when our club swim sessions will be:-

Thursday swims will move forward by half an hour and be held from 8pm until 9pm. Saturday swims will move forward an hour to be held from 5pm until 6pm. We appreciate that any changes in time may benefit some but disadvantage others, but with the Council’s desire to have the pool open to the public for longer, it is hoped that this will not inconvenience our members. Indeed having had countless years of getting our time moved around on a Saturday, the 5pm slot is EVERY week which will make it easier to plan.

Three things to explain.

# Firstly until the new pool opens, our existing times remain unaltered

# In March we have one more early Sat Swim (old Pool) Sat March 23rd.

# Whilst there will be a small price rise to the club, we have decided to maintain our price to swimmers. The more club members we have taking advantage of the Tuff sessions in the ‘Wave’ will delay/hopefully prevent any uplift. Tuff Swim cards remain valid.

It is appreciated with our congested roads, travel time is getting more unpredictable, but we ask that swimmers try and arrive in plenty of time to pay, change and arrive on poolside for the allotted start time. Currently those Tuffs taking the money are often delayed swimming themselves by late arrivals – Thank You. The new pool will have a cafe so why not arrive early and have a coffee?


Wow; what a great result from Juliette Reader this week at Worthing Park Run. Not only did she achieve another personal best of 21:27 she crossed the line as 1st female overall – congratulations Juliette; a terrific performance. Amanda de Ridder was 10th lady home, Tim Kenny was next followed by Gary Edge just 9 seconds off his PB

Across at Bognor Park Run, Linda Wright was in action and as mentioned above Clare Moyle was in action attaining a PB – great work.

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