Saturday Morning Run @ Lower Castle Gates, Mill Road. Arundel
Aug 31 @ 7:30 am – 9:30 am
Saturday Morning Run @ Lower Castle Gates, Mill Road. Arundel | England | United Kingdom

A run early on Saturday morning can set you up for the weekend.  Meet in Mill Road Arundel by the lower Castle gates. As an early start no need to arrive very early, but the runners cater off at 7:30am.

A variety of routes up into Arundel Park, or across to Rewell Woods or a run out to Warningcamp and Angmering Park.  As a minimum the route is usually up to 10 miles but for those undertaking spring marathons the mileage does tend to rise through the Autumn heading up towards the South Downs. The route is ideal for some undulations and usually is off road unless the weather conspires against us.

All abilities welcome.   Upon return to Arundel a number will stay for a coffee (and something to eat if a sufficiently high mileage has been undertaken) so you may wish to bring a dry top and some money.  This offer is not obligatory if you fancy a run, yet would prefer to return straight home

A great way to start the weekend, have you tried it yet?

River Adur 5k Swim (plus 5k Fin swim) @ Shoreham
Aug 31 @ 1:30 pm – 3:15 pm
River Adur 5k Swim (plus 5k Fin swim) @ Shoreham | England | United Kingdom

Following the success of our inaugural swim in the Adur, 2018 will see the event provisionally move to Saturday 1st September 2018 (approx 4pm start) and will be a bigger and better swim! It will be without doubt the fastest 5km you’ll ever swim! You have the option to swim with fins or not – you decide!  We’ll take you to the start by bus and then you can make your back downstream to the finish at Shoreham. You’ll still have to negotiate the sandbanks for the quickest route.  The start time will be confirmed ASAP and will be dependent on river and weather conditions, but our aim is to give you the best possibility of securing your personal best.  All the usual REP safety cover will be provided, including RIB’s, kayaks and safety spotters on the river bank with Race HQ at the Sea Scouts building by Norfolk Bridge on the A259 – Shoreham Town Centre will also be open and all within the foothills of the South Downs National Park.

Saturday Evening Swim @ Freedom Leisure Littlehampton
Aug 31 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday Evening Swim @ Freedom Leisure Littlehampton | Rustington | United Kingdom

Structured swim session coached by our swim coaches. See the coaches page for more about how the swimming training adapts during the season.

It is recommended that a drinks bottle is brought along for poolside.

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of the session in order that you can pay; go and get changed and be poolside for the 5pm start

Tuff Fitty members are charged £4, but non club members are welcome to come and try for a couple of sessions to meet everyone at the non-member rate of £6

Sussex Triathlon “Original” @ Ashburnham Place, Battle UK
Sep 1 @ 7:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sussex Triathlon "Original" @ Ashburnham Place, Battle  UK   | England | United Kingdom

9th Year of the Sussex Triathlon Festival set from the stunning grounds of Ashburnham Place, Near Battle, East Sussex.
Three race distance choices – Sprint, Standard and Middle.
This event has a stunning course and is a true test for every athlete in all three distances.

Sussex Triathlon 2018 Middle Distance Swim 1900m, Bike 80km, Run 20km
Sussex Triathlon 2018 Sprint Distance Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km
Sussex Triathlon 2018 Standard Distance Swim 1500m, Bike 40km, Run 5km


Uckfield Triathlon/Duathlon @ Uckfield Leisure Centre
Sep 1 @ 7:30 am – 9:45 am
Uckfield Triathlon/Duathlon @ Uckfield Leisure Centre | England | United Kingdom

Once again this popular event returns for it’s TWO dates in 2019. First staged in 1997 it has a standard distance triathlon in addition to the Sprint, Supersprint events. Also again this year is a Youth and Junior Triathlon (15-19yrs) and a Duathlon (r/b/r) for those that don’t lke getting their feet wet. A great small friendly event with quiet wide roads and a tree lined run route.

Free parking, catering in the leisure centre, medals for all compeitors, trophies for winners.

Uckfield Leisure Centre, Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1UB.

Registration 06.30hrs, Start time 0730hrs

Standard Triathlon s600m-b22km-r5.25km,
Sprint Triathlon s400m-b16.5km-r3.5km,
GoTri-Supersprint Triathlon s200m-b10.5km-r1.75km,
Youth and Junior Triathlon⟨15-19yrs⟩ s400-b16.5km-r3.5km,
Duathlon r3.5km-b16.5km-r1.75km,
Standard RELAY Triathlon, Sprint RELAY Triathlon

*Get a SPRINT/ Super-SPRINT Triathlon race entry for 40% OFF if you committ to counting the lengths of the Standard event competitors that starts first.
⟨Discount code required is COUNTLAPSUCK19only 4 places available. ⟩. All offers are limited and on a first come basis, no refunds available

Southwater Relays @ Southwater Country Park
Sep 1 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am
Southwater Relays @ Southwater Country Park | England | United Kingdom

Event full, but some Tuff Teams in

Each member of the team swims (500m open water), cycles (11.5 miles) and then runs (2.4 miles) before handing over to the next member of the team. A slightly mad format but great fun for seasoned athletes and newcomers. The event is based in and around Southwater Country Park and is very spectator friendly with lots going on throughout the event!

Tuff Fitty Club Cycles @ Littlehampton Pool - sea road
Sep 1 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Tuff Fitty Club Cycles @ Littlehampton Pool - sea road

There are many aspects to Tuff Fitty training but as we move into the multisport season, our members requirements are different. There are a large number who are training for longer distance events which include big miles in the saddle building up to and including the full Iron distance of 112 cycling.  Equally we have members who want the confidence in riding with a group.

With different groups we strongly recommend that you apply to join the “TUFF FITTY CYCLING GROUP” on Facebook. This members Facebook portal will give you the latest, particularly useful in the event of inclement weather, or where there are events where Tuff’s are out in force.       One of the groups switches to Mountain Bike rides on the first Sunday of the month

Whatever your ride; Please ensure you have read Tuff Fitty’s cycle etiquette below.   It is highly recommended that you tuck some money in your back pocket as time in the saddle can often end up with a coffee stop.


The document is split into the following sections:

  • Do’s
  • Don’ts
  • Calls
  • Hand Signals


 Follow the Highway Code at all times – it applies to ALL road-users.

  1. Wear an approved cycle helmet, you will not be allowed to ride if you do not have one.
  2. Ensure your bike is road worthy, brakes are fully operational and that your tyres are pumped up to the recommended PSI (as written on the tyre).
  3. Cycle a maximum of two abreast in 2 close parallel lines where appropriate, focus on keeping it neat and tidy.
  4. Be prepared on small or busy roads to ride in single file.
  5. Lead cyclists to navigate and point out hazards in the road by either shouting or using hand signals. Listen to them and act on the calls, and most importantly, repeat them for the cyclist behind you.
  6. Ride directly behind the wheel of the rider in front. If you cycle in the middle of the two wheels in front of you, you WILL push the cyclist on your outside into the path of passing vehicles.
  7. Brake as gently and smoothly as you safely can when riding in a pack-Cover your brakes at all times.
  8. Talk to each other. Point out either with hand signals or shouts, all potholes, manhole covers and other dangers in the road that could cause punctures or accidents. Follow the hand signals and calls of the riders in front as they will have seen the danger before you and then you can all communicate down the pack.
  9. If you are the back of the group and either see someone dropping or are being dropped it is your responsibility to call to the cyclists in front that the pace is too high. The pack must communicate this up to the front. The lead cyclists will not be aware if you start to drop. Ask them to slow down; it is your ride too.
  10. Check over your shoulder for other riders or traffic before moving out to the right
  11. Slow right down when passing horses, and pass them as wide as it is safe to do so.
  12. If you are feeling tired let people know. Accidents happen when people are tired and lose concentration. Everyone gets tired, let people know so they can slow the pace down and tuck you in the pack to carry you home 

Do’s continued:

  1. Cycle with confidence. If you’re nervous you will tense up and then are less likely to be able to respond to things quickly.
  2. Be realistic so that you enjoy the entire ride and don’t end up bonking after 1 hour, then forcing the pack to slow down for you.
  3. When approaching parked cars, if you see anyone sitting in the driver’s side, CAUTION, they could open the door on you, so ride wide if possible, or stop if necessary
  4. Dress in appropriate clothing for the weather
  5. Bring everything you might need. Prepare for every eventuality. For example, puncture kit, tyre levers, inner tubes, pump, allen key set, waterproof jacket, food, water, money, mobile, contact details in emergency.
  6. Plan your nutrition according to your ride duration. You will burn on average 500calories per hour when cycling. You should be drinking one 750ml bottle of water every hour. You must have enough food to last the entire ride (riders may not wish to stop, especially if it’s cold or wet).


  1. Overlap wheels, or nudge in between the wheels of the riders in front. You will come off if they move off their line
  2. Ride on tri / aero bars in packs as you will not be able to brake or steer quickly
  3. Make any sudden movements/changes in direction off your line when in the pack. You are responsible for the cyclist behind you; they are following YOUR wheel they need to trust you.
  4. Ride off the front. This is a group ride, not a race. If you want to go faster then let the others know what you are going to do and if no one wants to join you then go off and enjoy your ride alone.
  5. Stop pedalling if you are on the front, even on downhill’s. The cyclists behind you will read this as you slowing and could be forced to brake and bunch up.
  6. “Zone out” on the wheel in front. Keep aware of everything that is going on around you, look ahead and that way you can avoid most hazards.
  7. Whip round the outside of the pack to get to the front unless in an emergency. Shout up the pack any communication. If you do need to get to the front then make sure you check in front and behind for cars, remember three abreast will push you out into oncoming traffic.
  8. Pull out at junctions without looking, having heard the “Clear” call from a fellow cyclist. Check whether there is a vehicle coming yourself.

 These are some calls you might hear. It is essential that you repeat them down the pack so everyone can hear:

“Car Up/Front/Back 

-Keep tight to the cyclist next to you, and be prepared to cycle in single file


 Upcoming pothole to avoid. This can also be followed by a direction i.e. “HOLE LEFT”.

Usually accompanied by a hand signal:

Slowing”  accompanied by gentle extended arm movement up and down to the side

-The cyclist in front needs to slow down for some reason.

Stopping” accompanied by outstretched arm pointing down with palm facing behind


       -Usually at junctions to indicate there is a car coming


To indicate that a junction is traffic free. You must check yourself and not rely on others.

“Heads Up” 

    –Hazard ahead, pay attention.

“Single out/ single file”

 Get into single file safely and promptly

Fittleworth 5 @ Fittleworth Village Hall
Sep 1 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Fittleworth 5 @ Fittleworth Village Hall | Fittleworth | England | United Kingdom

West Sussex Fun Run League race number 14

This race is over a 5 mile distance

Tuff Fitty Sea Swim @ "The Beach"
Sep 1 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Tuff Fitty Sea Swim @ "The Beach" | Rustington | England | United Kingdom

The Tide is right, how about a sea swim

Tuff Fitty are looking to stage more sea swims this year and scheduled in here as the tide is at a suitable time.

The staging of this swim is clearly very dependant on sea conditions, temperature and that there is sufficient safety in numbers, therefore :-


Please wear a brightly coloured swim cap – it has been suggested to arrive 10 minutes before high tide in order that everyone can get suited up.

Cycle Chain Gang @ Highdown Hill, Highdown Rise Goring By Sea
Sep 1 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Cycle Chain Gang @ Highdown Hill, Highdown Rise Goring By Sea

Organised for Tuff Fitty by Joe Pascoe & Tom Goddard

The evening has the format of  3 x 8.3 km laps starting and finishing at the lower Highdown car park.  Which is off the A259 Littlehampton Road, up Highdown Rise – post code on the event location

1st lap will be steady, practising rotating, sharing work on the front effectively, staying as a group. 2nd a little quicker but staying as a group. On the final lap people can attack the group and the rest can work together to bring them back. Finally a sprint up to the Highdown pub for a well deserved pint (people are welcome to peel off early to go to the pub).

A few simple rules to adhere to:

Helmets and lights are compulsory

If you have aero bars do not use them when in the group

Do not ride more than two abreast

Only overtake on the right

-If you are not feeling strong enough to take your turn on the front, don’t worry, just wave the next person through

-Take particular care at roundabouts, it’s not a race, just a bit of fun!

Tom & Joe hope to see a lot of Tuff’s there.  If you are to attend it would help to get there in plenty of time or if you feel you will be tight for time advise on Facebook under the entry so the riders can wait for you