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    Some advice please…

    If I’m competing in non-drafting age-group triathlon I believe the rules are such that aero/tri bars are permitted…

    For all draft-illegal races, the following rules on handlebars apply:
    British Triathlon Competition Rules 16

    Only handlebars and clip-on bars not extending beyond the leading edge of the front wheel will be
    permitted. Clip-on bars in two pieces do not need to be bridged. All tube ends must be plugged

    I’m planning to transition (pun intended) from only Sprint distance to Sprints plus a couple of Olympic distance next year – so was wondering if it might be worth investing in some clip on tri bars for the longer rides?

    Also, any general tips on moving up from Sprint to Olympic would be much appreciated!



    Tom G

    As long as the extensions don’t stick out further than the front wheel (which would be a very long way!) you’ll be fine. You may need to cut them to the correct length when you get them to get the right position on the bike. Sliding your saddle forward on the rails and putting it up a little will make using them more comfortable.

    In terms of advice for stepping up to Olympic distance from Sprint, it is exactly the same, you go the same speed just twice as far! The only change I usually make is to take a bit more to drink on the bike (750ml rather than 400ml) and stick a couple of emergency gels in my pocket for the bike/ run.

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    Thanks Tom… My big concern is that the bike to run is gonna be ghastly!


    Ali G

    I bought these earlier this year as a relatively inexpensive first foray into the world of tri bars. They have served me well, although needed re-tightening after a few rides and they may mark your bars if you don’t put something in between for protection (unfortunately they don’t come with any rubber bits for such a purpose).

    I did my first Olympic this year at Bognor which was dead flat and they really came into their own, much better than being on the hoods or drops. And not scary at all.

    Good luck!



    Nick. Practice your transition from bike to run.
    It doesn’t need to be a great distance or time but whenever you cycle, immediately afterward go straight out and run for 10 minutes.
    The more you do it the more you’ll become accustomed to that feeling.
    Also, Brick sessions where you Turbo/Cycle for 20 minutes and then run for 10 minutes. As you get fitter you can repeat it.

    Session could be as follows:
    10 minute jog w/up
    2 x 20 mins cycle (hard) 10 minute run (hard)
    20 minute w/down on bike.

    Happy to chat with you about any other advice you may need.

    Coach Wardy.



    i have an old set of Token Clip ons that i was going to stick on a triathlon Selling site for £10, ideal to get you going to see if they are for you




    Thanks @wardy! Maybe I’ll start running home after my spin class!

    Will definitely work on the brick sessions.



    @jasonr – I’ll take ’em if they’re going!

    Will you be at the track session next week? If no I can pick them up locally – I’m in Worthing (on the A27 by the rear exit from Durrington cemetary).



    i dont do the track sessions but if you message me your address on facebook (Jason Rae) i can drop them in as I go to David Lloyd a few times per week.




    Thanks Jason – message sent.. hopefully to you!!

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