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    Clive H

    I am a Tuff Fitty male tri suit, I became separated from my owner almost two weeks ago at Tuff Fitty’s Arundel Lido race on the 15th June. Can you reunite me?

    This male Tuff Tri suit was left behind and still no one has come forward to claim it. I am concerned that there is going to be one almighty panic just before Worthing Tri when someone can’t find their kit. So to those men who raced at Arundel can you please check to ensure you have yours in its rightful place. I was the good chairman and rinsed it out but it needs to be re-united now, I have enough Tuff stuff in my house without babysitting other pieces of kit. Thanks


    Clive H

    Another Lido race has passed, Worthing Tri has passed and it is Arundel Tri this weekend.

    However I still have a male Tuff trisuit that someone left behind at the first Lido race on the 15th June.

    I will now give up taking this to events in case anyone turns up in a panic. It will now be folded up and put in my loft with the rest of the Tuff stuff. If no one claims by the end of the season I will have no choice but to pass over to our kit master to sell as second hand


    Peter L

    Oops I think this is my mine as not needed till now and I can’t find mine ? Last used at said lildo ? And being school holidays I’ve not used it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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