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    We have known for a while that the track will be closed in August as it is being resurfaced. That is fine, will be better in the long run and we have plenty of notice to plan alternative run meets.

    The difficulty has arisen in that no one in Tuff Fitty were told that the running track is out of bounds this week (w/c 28th May) I heard a rumour it was closed and have been on the phone and emailing to get the position clarified.

    This is the official position

    “Before we can undertake the refurbishment works to the the track it needs to be weed & moss killed and the grass cut back.
    The moss killing needs to be done in May and will take upto 5 days (due to the size of the track).
    The moss killing is weather dependant and can’t be done when it’s wet and windy. Therefore the works will be done at late notice. As the moss killer is a chemical no one can use the track until 3 hrs after it has been sprayed
    Therefore please can you warn any hirers that they not be able to use the track on some of the days. Please note that these works are very important to ensure that we get a good finish to the new textured coating and so that it will last the full 10yrs.”

    I am sorry for the lack of notice (I only found out at 11:30pm last night) so immediately advised Dave & Andy. As it transpires tomorrows forecast is “breezy & Thunderstorm” which is exactly NOT what they want for the work to be done. So there is every likelihood the track will be open on the 30th but with people coming from some long distances I think it is best to stick with NO TRACK 30th May.

    Clearly this raises a question as to whether this work continues into next week, but I have had an assurance that I will be advised this time. Apologies for the inconvenience

    Forecast does look better for Thursday and Friday so hopefully everything will be back to normal next week


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    Only saw this after tuning up to the session tonight – track was in use so worries as we did our own thing. Spoke to the staff on the front desk and they confirmed that they are weather dependent so no real idea when they’ll actually be able to carry out the de-mossing…

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