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    Here’s the results so far, In this series we’re only concerned with the Age Graded Performance % so that’s the figure the rankings are based on. This figure creates a level playing field regardless of age and gender.
    Here’s the link for the conversion

    Race 1 – Splash Point 5k
    Joe Pascoe—————0:17:25——–74.64%
    Andy Ruffer————–0:18:25——–74.48%
    Andy Crawford————0:18:14——–74.13%
    Matt Whittaker———–0:18:56——–73.42%
    Chris Robinson———–0:19:14——–73.31%
    Simon Thistlethwaite—–0:18:58——–73.29%
    Dave March—————0:18:12——–72.89%
    Stephen Feest————0:21:59——–71.49%
    Malcolm Brown————0:21:10——–70.79% ***
    Gavin Sewell————-0:19:27——–69.49%
    Simone Scott————-0:22:03——–69.16%
    Tom Goddard————–0:18:50——–69.03%
    Huw Williams————-0:20:58——–68.76%
    Dom Amey—————–0:20:50——–67.68%
    Anthony Towers———–0:21:53——–67.40%
    Paul Howie—————0:20:36——–66.99%
    Andy Ward—————-0:22:06——–66.74%
    Oliver McDonald———-0:19:32——–66.55%
    Becky Day—————-0:22:36——–66.45%
    Danny Bruce————–0:23:12——–66.45%
    Ellie Williams———–0:23:42——–64.77%
    Clive Harvey————-0:24:18——–64.68%
    Nina Kyprianidis———0:23:19——–64.40%
    Wendy Frost————–0:24:25——–64.37%
    Rachel Brunning———-0:24:54——–63.65%
    Tom Gray—————–0:20:29——–63.47%
    Graham Liddell———–0:23:38——–63.40%
    Jon Roper—————-0:23:48——–62.96%
    Andy Vincent————-0:23:18——–62.37%
    Susan Douglas————0:27:25——–62.31%
    Paul Martin————–0:22:08——–61.07%
    Catharine Western——–0:24:36——–60.03%
    James Tongeri————0:21:49——–59.51%
    Olly Sampson————-0:23:32——–59.07%
    Glenn Parisi————-0:25:01——–58.96%
    Eamonn Parsons———–0:22:52——–57.22% ***
    Claire Moyle————-0:31:20——–56.44%
    Stuart Harvey————0:23:26——–55.41% ***
    Gary Edge—————-0:27:19——–55.28%
    Lindsay Jamieson———0:28:09——–52.52% ***
    Steve Brock————–0:25:10——–51.72% ***
    Tony “Bear” Day———-0:25:59——–51.31%

    *** – These folks have been attending Tuff training sessions but have not joined the club (yet) – remember, you must be a member to qualify for the championship!

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    Race 2 – Bognor Regis Parkrun
    Andy Ruffer————-19:15—–71.26%
    Andy Crawford———–19:00—–71.14%
    Simon Thistlethwaite—-19:33—–71.10%
    Rebecca Lintott-Clarke–22:11—–69.72%
    Simone Scott————21:59—–69.37%
    Rebecca Day————-22:50—–65.77%
    Clive Harvey————24:14—–64.86%
    Bob Thomas————–27:38—–64.84%
    Graham Liddell———-23:17—–64.35%
    Wendy Frost————-24:37—–63.85%
    Tom Gray—————-20:51—–62.35%
    Catharine Western——-24:44—–59.70%
    Christopher Whinnett—-22:02—–58.93% ***
    Jon Keen—————-25:32—–56.92% ***
    James Togneri———–23:00—–56.45%
    Tony Day—————-24:46—–53.84%
    Jason McCardle———-27:42—–50.90%
    Gary Edge—————30:20—–49.78%
    Lindsay Jamieson——–30:24—–48.63% ***

    *** – not Tuff members yet. Remember, you must be a Tuff member to have your results included in the Championship

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