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    Clive H

    As we have our own website I believe it is important to have the site vibrant. I have just finished punching in all the dates of known races and training sessions for the rest of 2018 and a bit into next year.

    Many people don’t realise that if you click on Categories above the diary you can filter on different types of event. For example select running and their is a host of runs returned. I have included as many near ones as I can find, some further away where there has or may be Tuff interest.

    Clearly there will be gaps. Any favourites of ours? please drop me a line so I can include.


    Chris Evans

    A typo in the Newsletter email I’ve just received, It says:
    “Sat 9th Dec Row Row Row! Worthing Rowing Club 10am”
    but the 9th is a Sunday!
    Is it the Saturday or the Sunday?
    I’ve tried looking in the events calendar but can’t see it and Google lists a 10K run at the Rowing Club Sunday 21st October 11:a.m.
    I’m confused!




    It shouldn’t be confusing – the 10k event in October is simply a 10k organised by someone which happens to be staged at Splashpoint – I simply try to include as many races as I can

    True there is a typo saying Saturday 9th – sorry about that – the event is indeed Sunday 9th which is clarified when you click on the link to Facebook

    Apologies for any confusion

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    There is a triathlon at Littlehampton in 2 weeks September 30th

    Currently only 27 participants, but worth letting the team know about it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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