Arundel Castle Triathlon 26th June

The need for early starts in Triathlon is a given, but with transition opening at 4am and the first wave off at 5:15am, this was VERY early. However this did not deter a total of 16 members lining up on the riverbank, the second largest club present. However everyone appeared very chirpy, conditions were good and it would get everyone around the bike course before the traffic build up for Festival of Speed.  Raw Energy, once again, did a good job and the reward for the early start was a free breakfast bap thrown in which everyone could eat prior to 9am and feel justifably smug for a job well done.

Make no mistake, this is no easy course. The swim was clogged with weed and debris washed into the Arun following our recent storms. The bike course included the long pull up Long Furlong and Houghton Hill and the run included two laps up into Arundel Park, but all the Tuffs acquitted themselves well.

Great to see Tom Frith compete. One of our newer members, so far he has only declared his swimming at training sessions, but demonstrated his ability very well.  Next Tuff home was Gavin Sewell going well in his last race before IM UK in a few weeks. Matt Whittaker was next home with Andy Ruffer using his great sub 40 minute 10km time to haul him up the order.

It is really pleasing to report how the number of Tuff Ladies competing continues to increase and their great camaraderie was evident and that they matched the men in terms of numbers of Tuffs competing. Some great performances, particularly from Wendy Frost. She didn’t feel on top form but is a role model for determination whilst wearing a smile.  Also some announcements to come up to the podium with Miki Floyd 5th overall for the ladies winning the vet prize with Rebecca Lintott-Clarke 2nd


Becky & Miki, our trophy winners

Tom Frith 02:14:58 26:50:00 00:54 01:02:52 00:31 43:51:00
Gavin Sewell 02:17:29 23:20:00 01:17 01:11:23 00:50 40:39:00
Matt Whittaker 02:19:06 24:38:00 01:01 01:10:20 00:49 42:18:00
Andrew Ruffer 02:22:35 25:07:00 01:06 01:16:10 00:33 39:39:00
Chris Robinson 02:28:01 24:20:00 01:52 01:15:23 00:51 45:35:00
Huw Williams 02:30:34 29:16:00 01:05 01:10:08 00:35 49:30:00
Micaela Floyd 02:30:37 25:40:00 01:04 01:17:12 01:06 45:35:00
Tom Gray 02:38:27 29:31:00 01:27 01:20:44 00:37 46:08:00
Rebecca Lintott-Clarke 02:45:56 32:26:00 01:40 01:22:44 00:50
Rebecca Day 02:50:21 32:09:00 02:21 01:26:51 00:49 48:11:00
Olly Sampson 02:51:43 28:58:00 01:45 01:20:57 00:47 59:16:00
Sharon Tidmarsh 02:54:41 38:42:00 01:29 01:18:47 00:59 54:44:00
Karen Mcgrath 02:54:41 38:55:00 01:14 01:16:26 03:00 55:06:00
Catharine Western 02:58:29 31:19:00 01:06 01:25:01 00:38 01:00:25
Wendy Frost 03:22:59 42:02:00 02:55 01:35:15 01:10 01:01:37
Nicole Ewer 03:35:42 33:58:00 01:48 01:51:46 01:02 01:07:08

Some photos for the album, feel able to use any you require.


One thought on “Arundel Castle Triathlon 26th June

  • June 27, 2016 at 8:28 am

    A challenging but fun event, would definitely recommend. Well done to all Tuffs who competed, and thank you to the Tuff marshalls who probably got up at an even more ridiculous time that the competitors did! It’s really nice to see friendly faces in transition and out on the course 🙂

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