Club Lido Evening Race & Barbecue -10th June

This evening saw the first of our summer lido race/social evenings with over 40 members coming along to either race, support, eat or take part in everything. Thanks to those who marshalled and particular thanks to the Tuff Masterchef duo of Jon Roper and Glenn Parisi for the culinary delights.

There was the traditional club pose at 7pm before those wishing to work up an appetite jumped into Arundel Lido. A 400m swim would be followed by a run down Mill Road and up the hill towards South Stoke. Around a turn sign then retracing the route back to the Lido and a total distance of 5km. Some would have a swim down whilst others quickly changed and started to devour Glenn & Jon’s handiwork – very tasty!

All competitors were awarded their Tuff medal for crossing the finish line and our trophy winners were Tom Goddard, first overall in just 25:07 and Becky Lintott-Clarke as 1st female in a time of 30:33. Tom earnt the fastest swim split in just 5:10 with Nikki Gatland (5:39) and Paul Howie (5:50) chasing him. Andy Ruffer prevailed with the fast run split of just 19:25 with Tom Goddard and Dave March close behind

Thanks to Matt Whittaker for taking Clive’s camera whilst he collated the split times, these are all listed below

Don’t forget our next summer lido race is a particularly noteworthy one as it will be on a Saturday evening 23rd July and the emphasis will be more on Party to celebrate Tuff Fitty’s 25th anniversary. We may not be the biggest tri club in the country, but Tuff Fitty are certainly one of the longer established clubs – this landmark is most definitely worthy of a celebration. We hope you will want to be part of it. There will be a further Lido summer race on August 19th.



Name 400m swim 5k Run Total
Tom Goddard 05:10 19:57 25:07:00
Andy Ruffer 06:39 19:25 26:04:00
Dave March 06:23 20:09 26:32:00
Gavin Sewell 06:19 20:20 26:39:00
Ollie McDonald  06:31  20:34  27:05:00
Chris Robinson  06:15  21:49  28:04:00
Paul Howie  05:50  22:35  28:25:00
Andy Crawford 07:40 21:13 28:53:00
Tom Gray 07:12 21:58 29:10:00
Phil Lintott-Clarke 07:23 22:00 29:23:00
Simon Thistlethwaite 08:56 21:25 30:21:00
Becky Lintott-Clarke 08:00 22:33 30:33:00
Nikki Gatland 05:39 25:33 31:12:00
Carl Davey 07:11 25:30 32:41:00
Becky Day 08:15 24:54 33:09:00
Paul Durrant 09:00 24:26 33:26:00
Catharine Western 08:33 24:56 33:29:00
Debra Cauchy-Duval 07:41 26:14 33:55:00
Tony (Bear) Day 08:20 26:15 34:35:00
Ellie Williams 09:15 25:52 35:07:00
Louise Sivyer 07:57 28:03 36:00:00
Nicole Ewer 09:20 27:51 37:11:00
Katie Goddard 07:49 29:38 37:27:00
Susan Douglas 07:13 30:19 37:32:00
Kelly Parkhouse 08:40 28:54 37:34:00
Bob Thomas 09:29 28:44 38:13:00