Tuff Fitty Award and Social Evening

Thanks to everyone that attended our end of season social and awards evening, to help us celebrate another great year of ‘Tuffness’.

Many awards were handed out during the evening but such was the range of achievements during the year,  we couldn’t recognise everyone. Whilst we could try and identify more here, that would be at the risk of missing others. Therefore it is sufficient to say it was great to see so many with broad smiles as Tuffs achieved their own personal targets during the year. Whether it was participating in their first open water swim event, moving up a distance, completing their first Middle Distance, Ironman or Marathon. Well done to everyone who has come back from injury or difficult circumstances, there are some great comeback stories. Finally it was rewarding to see many achieve their goal of finishing their first ever triathlon, and that however big or small the target it is satisfying that your club had played a part in this.

So  as races start opening for next year and people set out their 2017 goals, how can we help you achieve them?  Tuff Fitty’s training programme continues unabated throughout the winter.  Our committee for the coming year was confirmed at our Annual General Meeting with a good mix of your fellow members continuing in their roles, and new additions, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel able to talk to anyone of the following

Clive Harvey – Chairman

Anthony Towers – Treasurer

Clive Patterson-Lett Club Kit & Coaches Rep

Glenn Parisi – Social

Susan Douglas – Secretary

Tom Gray – Website

Catharine Western – Membership

Wendy Frost – Committee

James Brock – Media

Nicole Ewer – Committee

Thank you to Tom Goddard for his achievements as Club Captain, leading superbly by example on the race scene. Having served his term of office we have a new Club Captain. The role is to give advice to members, liaise with the committee, and help with events. Ratified by the committee, the role is also recognition of the support that person has given to Tuff Fitty.  This year it has been decided to have separate male and female club Captains and we are delighted to announce your new Captains are Joe Pascoe & Catharine Western.  Please support them in their role, pass on any ideas and we hope during the year they will be able to go up to achieve team awards on our behalf as Tuff’s race around the UK and beyond.

It is crucial that we recognise and thank our brilliant team of coaches. Whether it is standing on a hot humid poolside or outdoors in the cold and rain, their dedication week in week out is fantastic – On behalf of us all thanks to (in alphabetical order)

Tony  (Bear) Day 

Wendy Frost

Paul Howie

Steve (Lardy) Jones

Chris Levitt

Becky Lintott-Clarke

Dave March 

Clive Patterson-Lett 

Kevin Pearson

Stew Smith 

Andy Ward 

Finally thanks to everyone for your contribution. It is everyone collectively that make Tuff Fitty the great place it is to train, race, and have fun.

The club championship table is to be published separately

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