Weekend Round Up 26th 27th August

Lots of club members out training and racing, with just a few of the activities recorded below:-


Held as part of Arundel Festival, the town was buzzing with visitors and 553 runners for the traditional 10k. The course is well known to the Tuffs who participate in the Saturday morning run as most of the course is covered then, apart from the run into the Castle grounds which takes competitors over the drawbridge and around the quadrangle. Unfortunately some injuries depleted the Tuff turnout, particularly after Simon Thistlethwaite’s accident – get well soon Simon.

However there were still some quality performances from the squad, led home by Andy Crawford, a super quick time over the often off-road undulating course. His quick 40:29 for 14th position was just as well as he was on call for work and had to gallop off as soon as he crossed the finish line. The rest lingered to compare times. Stuart Harvey was pleased to have shaved 5 minutes off last years time  (45:13) followed by Tom Gray as third Tuff home (48:13). Becky Lintott-Clarke, (49:52)  James Brock (57:20) and Amanda de Ridder (67:11) completed the six wearing club vests.  Also congratulations to Malcolm Brown, (45:28) our regular track runner and Jimbo’s brother Steve (53:16) who has also participated in Tuff sessions.

Another great mornings work


Your committee and coaches have been re-scheduling our Sunday cycles to try encourage participation. Whilst the ‘must have’s’ are helmet, puncture kit and of course a bike, there is the Tuff Fitty Cycle etiquette which is attached.  Even if you are a long standing club member and a regular cyclist we do ask that you revisit the attached document to ensure you understand the contents. Thank you. 

TF Cycle Etiquette


Susan Douglas has returned from a trip to Denmark & reports:_

“I’ve been off on my travels again, this time taking part in the 2km open water swim through the canals of Copenhagen in Denmark. The event is held on a truly iconic course – around the Danish Parliament Buildings (Christiansborg).

In Danish the swim is called ‘Christiansborg Rundt’ – to swim around Christiansborg.

This is a popular swim with over 3000 entrants, but the Danes being predictably organised had the swimmers split into 5-minute waves. I was in heat 33 with about 60 mostly wetsuited others. So much for the Danes being hardy.

We moved to the pontoon and plopped into the water and at exactly 12.40pm we were off. Under the first bridge, getting used to the conditions, salty water, but clean at least.

All going well, a fair few swimmers about, but still plenty of room to swim, with the occasional moment to admire the scenery. Apart from several bridges there was an 80m tunnel to negotiate with the option to get out and walk round for the fearful. So, when I arrived I was expecting something scary and dark, but in fact you could see daylight the other side, so how bad could it be. Head down into the pitch-black water, I didn’t like it much but I was more concerned how I would react if I bumped into someone, fortunately I didn’t and made it to safety!

Now on the latter part of the swim flanked by barges and cheering crowds. Under the final bridge and on to the finish. A bit manic with everyone aiming for the two ladders out of the water. Splendid medal and a finish time of 38.42. 22nd in my age group out of 200 and 288th out of 1437 ladies, so pleased with that.”


 Hilly Half


Another great event from the portfolio of Sussex Trail Events run by Chris, Danny & Jay.  This year saw just one Tuff competitor Murray Hodge. Starting at the foot of the Downs (on the steep side) at Clayton. The only way was up, a lung busting climb up onto the SouthDowns Way.  Muz started off at a steady pace over this tough undulating Half Marathon course, finishing in a time of 2 hours 43.

Jenny & Adrian


Adrian Oliver reports in from this new twist to the established Adur swim, fins allowed.

“This was yet another well organised “Raw Energy Pursuits” event, starting from Upper Beeding, finishing at the “3rd Shoreham Sea Scouts” next to the Adur Outdoors Activities Centre.

Registration as usual by 3pm, a quick scan of the entry list to confirm that Jenny and myself were the only Tuffs registered, safety briefing, with the mention of “mind the sand banks”, before boarding the vintage Southdown double decker bus. The “Fin” swimmers were asked to go first, followed by the “Just” swimmers. The 2nd bus was delayed due to traffic and so once we got to the start point, we were duly instructed to get our wetsuits on and gracefully slid into the water.

Once in, it was a few minutes before the klaxon sounded and we were off – yet again lots of splashing and jostling, trying to not to grab somebody else’s bottom or leg, whilst calmly ignoring any such advances from others…

After a few minutes we settled down into our rhythm. With memories of the Arun swim, I had taken good note to make sure my wetsuit neck was well “lubed”, and to bilateral breath to avoid getting dizzy. Being a longer course than the Arun, there were a lot more turns and meandering of the river before spotting Hogwarts college, followed by planes flying overhead on their final approach to Shoreham airfield, signalling the end of the despair of “am I ever going to get to the finish”. Soon afterwards I hit my first sand bank (to the amusement of the safety kayak), followed by the A27 bridge, at which point the water became decidedly choppy. With the guidance of a helpful kayak, I avoided another sandbank, before reaching the Old Shoreham Toll Bridge. “Great” I though – “just one bridge left before home – and there I can see it – not too far – time to ‘ramp’ up the pace”. However the third bridge never seem to get any closer. Had the tide changed? Keep going…still not getting any closer…I am confused – I can see the river banks going past at a reasonable rate – so why is this bridge not getting any closer? Keep going… Gradually it dawns on me – it is a BIG rail bridge! Eventually after what seemed an eternity I sailed under it. Time to head to the right bank for the finish line buoys, before negotiating the exit ramp with the help of stewards to avoid being swept out to France.

The winning time was 54:38 by Ella Corby from South Croydon SC (Female Junior). Myself (Adrian) managed 1:07:10 (40th/92, 11th/18 for Super Veteran Male), while Jenny (with a Kayak honour escort) got 1:22:45.
Out of interest, the winning Fin Swim result was 1:03:46 by Simon Wickenden Brighton Tri Club (Super Veteran male) – the slower time was due to the slower current due to their earlier start.

Both Jenny and myself thoroughly enjoyed the lovely Saturday afternoon swim and would recommend it highly to all Tuffs for next year. Even though it was meant to be 1.2km further than the Arun swim, the current compensated.




Tuffs out at Park Run included Worthing: James Oram crossing in 20:14. Each of his last four outings have been PB’s as he moves tantalisingly close to his goal of sub 20 minutes and his 50th Park Run; 45 so far. Neil Rabone was also running crossing in 22:00. Up at Horsham Ian & Leigh Moore returned to the Park Run scene crossing together, this is in readiness for Horsham’s third Park Run birthday next week, billed as a ‘naked run’ (intrigued? it simply means no technology!) when they will be led round by their dogs, Ruby & Sam. 


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