Weekend Round Up 29th 30 December


It was devastating to learn of an accident on Christmas Day involving Samantha May who had been walking along Ferry Road in Littlehampton. Despite best endeavours Sam died at the scene. Sam had been a member of Tuff Fitty since early 2009 and whilst she had taken time out from Tuff Fitty recently she still retained her sense of adventure and sport. Sam was only 37 and her sense of fun and how she lived her life to the full has made her passing all the more tragic. Our condolences go to her family and particularly to her sister Tanya who had joined Sam as a member of Tuff Fitty. The above banner shot with Sam on the right is just the photo to share as it so vividly captures her wicked sense of humour and her larger than life character. This is how Tuff Fitty will remember Sam; a person we were very privileged to have been able to call a Tuff, a great person to have at any training session or race, and a good friend.

Sam’s funeral is to be held on January 16th at Worthing Crematorium at 1:40pm with the instruction that no black is to be worn – bright colours please.

<Lido Swim Christmas 18>


Despite the dreadful news from Christmas Day, a Tuff tradition is always to book a private hire at Arundel Lido to kick start the fight back from the Christmas excesses, and as the venue had been booked weeks earlier, the session took place. Several met up beforehand for a run around Arundel Park and then it was back to the Lido where the pool temperature was 27 degrees. More turned up for the swim and there were sets out for those wanted to clock up the length. Afterwards hot drinks and biscuits were served in the Cabin. (click on the above photos for more shots of Tuffs in action.)


How about this for some inspirational Christmas training. Ollie McDonald reports in after pedalling a very long way. After you have read Ollie’s article click here for the details to see if this could be you in 2019

“I embarked on the Rapha Festive 500 this year – cycling 500km between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Slightly last minute decision as I realised somehow, I might be able to squeeze it in. Starting Crimbo eve with a 77km, Crimbo day off then a short space to fit 40km on Boxing Day with a few fellow Tuffs. It was then onto more solo days and with children duties looming on NYE all day, this left 27/28/29/30th to fit 385km in. 85km down on Thurs 27th so now it was 100km a day for 3 days in a row! Realising I was getting tired (had to fit in most rides at 7am due to family duties), I had Friday 28th to myself from 9-2ish so stuck in a few extra miles with 120km completed. This left 95km on Saturday and finally 85km on Sunday to finish it off. The whole experience was definitely a challenge of mind over matter – the miles were not the problem. It was mostly the lie-ins, delicious bad food and alcohol that was tempting me away. The solo miles definitely made it difficult too but you learn lots about yourself when pushing things – like you can’t survive 4.5hrs cycling with minimal food and 2 bottles and you will most likely bonk and need to stop for a Coca Cola and Toblerone!

Anyway, a brilliant experience and personally I needed to get back on the bike so challenges like this help me. Hopefully it will inspire further Tuffs to take this on next year! Finally, you win a woven roundel for completion but this year Rapha offered cyclists to forego this and Rapha made a donation to World Biclycle Relief instead – so all for a good cause. I definitely recommend this challenge for any Tuffs considering it next year. You can’t be too strong on the bike 🙂



Jason Rae has reported in from another of his epic races; the Winter Cross Ultra where the challenge was to complete the run within the time from dawn till dusk on one of the shortest days of the year. The route had some ‘technical challenges’ starting from Meonstoke in Hampshire. Jason takes up the story:-

Having done the coastal on Sunday I opted for the shorter 50k distance. This was my 15th and last Marathon/Ultra this year and was meant to be a fun challenge to finish off a year that started with injury. On Saturday eve I was told by a friend about the accident involving Sam – a former Tuff whom many of you knew. We were both in a triathlon group about 8 or 9 years ago at David Lloyd training for our first race which was then the virgin active triathlon Brighton.  It was nice remembering some of the funny times we have had but also very sad when the realisation of why I was thinking about them . The route was tough , hilly and quite cold –using lots of the Southdowns Way, but the great marshals and Race Director made it a highly recommended challenge.



The off road trail course at Longmoor is well known to many of our club members under the Hellrunner banner, plunging through chest high muddy water and sliding down sand dunes. This time Paul Martin took part joining his wife and their team – but still proudly wearing his Tuff vest. Well done Paul, hopefully he has now cleaned all the mud off by now.



At Worthing, Chris Sloggett was first club member home in 20:49. Roy Barraclough, Becky  Adamek, Amanda de Ridder & Daisy Bashford were in action.

Jason Rae crossed the line as first Tuff home at Bognor Park run, who reported:- “Bognor holds a parkrun on Christmas day and has done since it was set up in 2014. About 245 ran this year, a massive increase from 2017. I think it probably provides an opportunity for people who spend the day alone the chance to get out and chat to someone. Linda Wright, Claire Moyle and Wendy Frost also ran”

Up at Horsham Park Run, Ian & Leigh Moore were both on the organisation team.

29th December PARK RUN

At Worthing Danny Cunnett was first Tuff home in 20:19; Next James Oram in 20:47, followed by Chris Sloggett, Becky Sutton, Elle Williams, Daisy Bashford, & Tim Kenny. Well done to Roy Barraclough who was on the organising team. 

At Bognor Regis Park run, Jason Rae was in action again.

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