Weekend Round Up 7th 8th March

Still a lot taking place and future events being planned within Tuff Fitty. It would be remiss not to mention Coronavirus at this time. Tuff Fitty continue to operate under the auspices of British Triathlon who advise “that we are still working closely with the relevant authorities and bodies, including UK Sport and Sport England to ensure we are acting on the very latest scientific and medical advice”. Guidelines have been issued to event organisers who wish to continue. More parochially Tuff Fitty’s training venues remain open and should any changes occur we will endeavour to notify all our members asap. In the meantime, stay safe and follow government guidelines.

Jay commencing ‘The Tunnel’


The Tunnel Ultra is described as ” 200 miles, 200 times non-stop through the darkness of the UK’S longest foot tunnel will be a mind-bending test of extreme endurance and sensory deprivation” . Location:– Combe Down Tunnel in Bath Somerset. Built as part of a railway, the cost bankrupted the rail company. The tunnel reopened, resurfaced with some lighting in 2013 as shared-use walking and cycling path.

Entrants:- Hand picked from applicants, with the field limited to 30; the one positive was that the route was flat! Who was brave & qualified enough? well of course it had to be Jay McCardle. Coming soon soon after the Arc of Attrition 100 mile Coastal Ultra, Jay had managed expectations as he stated his legs still felt heavy.

Jay reports that it was a low key event but the depth of the field was amazing with runners from Japan, France and Germany. Whilst he started off OK and completed 60 transits of the tunnel, (60 miles) he started to hobble from a blister. Jay weighed up the prospect of going back into the tunnel another 140 times – 140 miles against the fact that even without this race he only needs two more marathons to join the 100 mile run club. Sensibly being so close to his 100 goal he decided to stop. We simply can’t say he retired from the race as that simply detracts from an amazing performance running 60 miles in a straight line, in the dark, wearing a hi-viz jacket……..

Jay summed up proceeding by saying “the race was surreal being totally in the tunnel and they play strange violin music in the middle of it”. The banner photo is inside ‘The Tunnel” so to complete the picture click on the link for the music and video HERE . That must start to get under your skin as the hours stretch ahead – Well done Jay – another remarkable achievement


Starting from Woking Leisure Centre, this was the venue for Surrey’s largest Half Marathon (just short of 3,000 runners) on closed roads around Woking and out into the countryside. Lee Bishop was in attendance; he viewed this as a training run as he has been working hard to build his stamina for the forthcoming season; he also completed the Frosty the previous week. Lee stated he was pleased that his achilles injury held up but was disappointed as “I lost my speed at 10 mile, then dropped off the pace”. Such a statement is all relative because he accomplished a good time. Lee still finished in 1 hour 44 so continuing to build nicely for the the Tri season ahead.


At Worthing parkrun Amanda De Ridder was the first Tuff home on her 120th run, and close behind was husband Tim Kenny on his 84th PR. Next, well done to June Fuhrmann shaving 14 seconds off her previous PB. The Tuff runners didn’t finish there as Edward Lay was next and then Elaine Rousseau on her 92th run.

Maidenhead Parkrun saw Trevor Harvey tentatively round as he tested an injury. Littlehampton Parkrun was Tuff free for a change, although there was a high number at Tuff’s saturday Arundel ‘undulating’ run. However Dave Priest was on the officiating team at Lancing Parkrun.


The bookings have been made for our very popular Arundel Lido summer series. Whilst traditionally these have been a swim, (heated Lido) followed by a run, the exact format of each evening will be publicised as the events approach. What will be beyond doubt however is that these very social evenings will also include a bit of bling for the racers and equally important; food. Whilst several people ask to participate, these events are to add value in being a member of our club so is open to club members only. The dates are listed below:-

Friday 22nd May 2020

Friday 24th July 2020

Friday 14th August 2020


Please note that because of Swimathon, Tuff Fitty have been asked to bring forward our Saturday Swim training by half an hour on the 28th March. For this week only, the swim will commence at 4:30 for an hour. For clarity next week, Saturday 21st March remains at 5pm. Please remind fellow Tuffs that you see.

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