Charlotte Lattin-Rawstrone

Name: Charlotte Lattin-Rawstrone

Role: Club Safeguarding Officer   – a role independent of both the Committee and Coaching Team

Club Member: Since 2019

Multisport Achievements: Tend to take part in the swim and canicross options rather than triathlon at the moment and interested in the social, fun and cake aspects of training more than as a serious athlete.

Description: Joined Tuff Fitty in 2019 when I moved to the area. I have a background as a psychologist and in education and support roles, as well as being a Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist.

Safeguarding Role:

  • The Safeguarding Officer within Tuff Fitty is responsible for ensuring that safeguarding policies are in place within the club and is the designated contact for dealing with any concerns relating to safeguarding children* and vulnerable adults within the club. Any concerns should be reported to the Safeguarding Officer and will be treated confidentially.
  • In addition to Safeguarding, any concerns relating to the welfare and conduct of club members or issues regarding club practice can be raised with the Safeguarding Officer confidentially. Consideration and resolution of these concerns will be dealt with in confidence, outside of the committee and coaching team.
  • To contact the Safeguarding Officer please use the contact form below

*  please note whilst taking responsibility for children’s welfare seriously, please note Tuff Fitty is currently purely a senior – adults only (18+) club.


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