Spond: Usage Guide

All Tuff Fitty events and club communications is now performed using Spond, which is  a free service including web browser access (spond.com), and free mobile apps (Google Play Store or Apple AppStore).

Club activities and information on Spond is organised into Spond groups representing different interests.

Using Spond Groups

Each Spond group has the following sub categories:

  1. Events – upcoming events
    1. If you wish to attend an event, we ask that you register on that Spond event by pressing the “Attending” button to give the event organiser an idea of who is attending.
    2. Some events have limited availability, and therefore require you to register whether you wish to attend.  Once the maximum quota is reached, you can still register interest – you will be placed on a waiting list (first-come-first-served).
    3. Event payment is also managed from within certain Spond events. 
      1. By pressing the “Attending” button will automatically take you to the event payment facility. 
      2. Note that once you have submitted your payment for an event, there are NO refunds and NO transfers
  2. Posts – other information relating to the group
  3. Polls – uses occasionally to gauge interest in some topic
Tuff Fitty Spond Groups – How to Use

Each Tuff Fitty Spond Group is focused on specific aspects of the club, with the principal groups being Swimming, Cycling and Running.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to each individual Tuff Fitty Spond Group depending on your individual interests.  If for example you are only interested in cycling, then by unsubscribing from the swimming and running Tuff Fitty Spond Groups will stop you receiving notifications of swimming and running events and related information.  You will only be notified of cycling related Spond events and posts.

You will only be able to see Spond events and posts from the Tuff Fitty Spond groups you are subscribed to.  And you will only receive notifications of Spond events and posts from Tuff Fitty Spond Groups you are subscribed to.

Tuff Fitty Spond Groups
  •  Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club – top level group which shows ALL events, posts and polls
    • Cycling – Cycling specific events, including:
      • Zwifting virtual indoor cycling
      • Road Cycling
      • MTB/Off Road cycling
      • Cycling specific posts and information
    • Running – Running specific events, including:
      • Track sessions @ Durrington Sports Centre on Wednesday evenings
      • Road training runs
      • Trail training runs
      • Running specific posts and information
    • Swimming – Swimming specific events, including
      • Thursday evening coached swims (limited availability – booking required)
      • Saturday afternoon coached swims (limited availability – booking required)
      • Sea Swims
      • Swimming specific posts and information
    • Tuff Fitty News – Club news and Weekly Roundup of events
    • Coaches Corner
    • Triathlon & Multisport
      • Information on races and events
    • Members Benefits
      • Discount codes
    • Club race kit and leisurewear
      • Information on ordering Tuff Fitty club branded kit
    • #N2T2T (“Not To Tuff To Talk”)
      • Mental health and related information and posts
    • Other event specific groups
How To Subscribe to Tuff Fitty Club Spond Group?

If new Spond Groups (Tuff Fitty Club Spond Sub-Groups) are added, you may not automatically be subscribed to them.  Or you may have previously unsubscribed (see below).   You will only be notified of Spond events if you are subscribed to the relevant groups, and you will not be able to register your attendances of an event unless you are subscribed.

To add/check which Spond Groups you are subscribed to:

  1. Launch the Spond mobile App as normal
  2. Press “Groups” button

    Spond Guide Select Group step 1

  3. Select “Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club” group

    Spond Guide Select Group step 2

  4. Select “subgroups”

    Spond Guide Select Group step 3

  5. Find the group you are interested in – tap it to open that group

    Spond Guide Select Group step 4

  6. Make sure the star in top right is filled – this “pins” the group so that it appears in your list of active groups

    Spond Guide Select Group step 5

How To Unsubscribe from Tuff Fitty Spond Group?

If you are no longer interested in particular types of events, you can stop being notified of events being posted by unsubscribing to that Spond Group.

To leave a Spond Group:

  1. Find and Tap on Event associated with the Spond group you are no longer interested in

    Spond Guide Leave Group 1

  2. Tap on the Spond group

    Spond Guide Leave Group 2

  3. Tap on the Star in Top Right corner to make sure the start is NOT filled – this unpins the group

    Spond Guide Leave Group 3