Tuff Fitty Wetsuit Swim 26th April

Today it was unseasonally cold with spots of snow at lunchtime; so what better than to have an open water swim!…… well we are Tuff.
As in previous years the club hires Arundel Lido just before they open to the public. The heating was turned on yesterday, but as people arrived, some faced the prospect of jumping in with trepidation. However all was well, a tropical 21.5 degrees and although it was cold for the lifeguards, it was definitely better in the water.
The Lido is trying to inspire people to swim lengths and during the season they are hoping to amass the distance swum to Rio from Arundel. Whilst staff training got them off the mark, Tuff Fitty posted a huge total towards their goal.

It was great to see several turn up to christen new wetsuits to see how they performed, whilst several old stagers just wanted to make sure they could still fit in them for this year. It also proved to be a good opportunity to practice some massed starts as the above photo shows. With more rubber on display than a Soho shop, it is expected the photo gallery below will generate some traffic.

After changing; the showers were nice and warm, it was into the Cabin for Tuff Tea, coffee and biscuits. Thanks to those who attended.