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Update! Highdown Hike Race Report

Wednesday evening’s Highdown Hike marked the sixth in the ‘STrun’ series, with a cracking eighteen Tuffs donning the blue vest to huff and puff their way around the scenic lumps and bumps of Highdown Hill.  Thankfully no repeat of last year’s thunderstorms, so no houses were blown down in the process.

Staged by Worthing Striders, with Tuff Tony Pearce doing a grand job as race director to oversee almost 500 runners around the new 3.6m course.  2015 clatters were replaced by 2016 marital chatters as new Tuff Mark Day (far right in picture above) raced in blue for the first time, going head to head with wife Bec Day.  Welcome to Team Tuff Mark!

The course started with a lap of the lower field before taking to the hills, where strong winds made for a tricky ascent and circuit of Highdown Hill.  Following a gusty lap of the upper expanses we crossed the bumpy ridges of the reservoir before hitting the steep descent back to the field for a final charge to the finish… where the realisation hit that there was a further circuit of the field (including a hill!), making it somewhat less… chargey than hoped.

All in all, a great event with lots of Tuff camaraderie.  Full results below. Well done to Andy Crawford, Andy Ruffer, David March, Tom Goddard, Simon Thistlethwaite, Gavin Sewell, Sim Scott, Tom Gray, Mark Day, Bec Day, Dom Amey, Catharine Western, Clive Harvey, Graham Liddell, Bob Thomas, Nicole Ewer, Katie Goddard and Chris Evans.  Well done to Tuff club members marshalling; Steve, Tim and potential Tuff James.

Saturday 13th sees the final STrun of the season (note this has changed to Worthing Parkrun) where we hope for a grand turnout off Tuffs for the 09:00 start from Splashpoint.  Don’t forget your barcode!



How’s this for a lead pack, stuffed full of Tuffs

12 23:25 Andrew Ruffer Tuff Fitty Tri
18 23:48 Andy Crawford Tuff Fitty Tri
23 24:04 Simon Thislethwaite Tuff Fitty Tri
32 24:29 David March Tuff Fitty Tri
36 24:39 Tom Goddard Tuff Fitty Tri
47 25:20 Gavin Sewell Tuff Fitty Tri
3rd 26:58 Simone Scott Tuff Fitty Tri
73 26:58 Tom Gray Tuff Fitty Tri
109 28:28 Mark Day Tuff Fitty Tri
10th 28:50 Rebecca Day Tuff Fitty Tri
126 29:05 Dominic Amey Tuff Fitty Tri
185 31:47 Graham Liddell Tuff Fitty Tri
38th 33:01 Catharine Western Tuff Fitty Tri
225 33:54 Clive Harvey Tuff Fitty Tri
264 36:00 Bob Thomas Tuff Fitty Tri
332 39:16 Nicole Ewer Arunners
358 40:58 Katie Goddard Tuff Fitty Tri
372 41:53 Chris Evans Tuff Fitty Tri