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Chichester Priory 10k

Catharine reports from Chichester Priory 10km.

At 9.50am, the gun time for the Chichester Priory 10km race, we were sitting in a massive traffic jam several miles from the start…as were the majority of the competitors. A change in venue this year, from the town centre to the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, led to a logistical nightmare and a 40minute delay to the start time. When we finally crawled into the venue and parked, we joined a crowd of cold and grumpy runners until the roads were cleared and the race could start. This fed-up sentiment was obviously shared by the race commentator who forgot to turn his microphone off and broadcast his feelings through the loudspeaker system…oops!

The final 4km was around the Goodwood race track

With the announcement that the race could start, a huge cheer went up and we all immediately forgot our grievances and practically skipped to the start line. 12 Tuffs were in attendance, including a couple of our new members, Amanda de Ridder and Tim Kenny. The new course included a scenic 6km loop around the country lanes of Goodwood, followed by a final 4km spin around the iconic race circuit. We all noted that, as soon as feet touched the track, ‘race mode’ appeared to be activated and speeds automatically increased! I’m not sure my pace was quite speedy enough to warrant the ‘brake’ signs on each corner though. Tom Gray was first Tuff home in 45:57, although he forgot his watch and couldn’t upload it to Strava so I’m not sure that it counts…Next over the line was Stuart Harvey in 46:25, followed by Amanda in 48:58. Clive went into the race with an agenda, battling a work colleague who wanted to ‘beat an Ironman’. Harvey #3, Trevor, was a no-show as his flight back from his Canadian skiing holiday was delayed due to ‘too much snow’. I reckon he just fancied an extra day on the slopes…

Tuffs on the track: Susan, Catharine, Clive, Muz, Tom, Stuart, Wendy, Becky & Debra

Despite the initial issues, I thoroughly enjoyed the race itself and will be back next year. Well done to all Tuffs that took part – Tom Gray, Stuart Harvey, Amanda de Ridder, Clive Harvey, Debra Cauchy-Duval, Catharine Western, Muz Hodge, Wendy Frost, Susan Douglas, Tim Kenny, Becky Hodge & Leanne Levitt.