With a new promotion launched by British Triathlon it is useful to update our members on the various associations that Tuff Fitty affiliate to.

Apologies that some of the sections are lengthy but our affiliations often generate questions and it is hoped the explanation is useful. Please read on as there is a promotion running for British Triathlon membership.


This is our major partner who we affiliate with. As a multisport club we operate under British Triathlon governance and pay annually a fee to gain public liability and backing.

This core fee does not cover individual members. Those who wish to enrol gain individual public liability insurance, personal accident cover and a race licence amongst other things. The range of benefits are shown here.

There are a range of packages but if we look at the Core package this costs £56 per annum. However if you are a member of an affiliated club, such as Tuff Fitty, that immediately reduces to £45 so already as a club member you save £11 per annum, recouping a large part of your club annual subscription.

We have been advised that from 1st January the cost of day licences will rise. The day licence has to be paid by all non-members who enter BTF sanctioned races to gain some of the protection above. This cost will rise to a minimum of £4 up to £6 per event, so if you intend to race several multisport events a year the economic case is strong.

Unfortunately we do need to be mindful of other aspects of membership. In this regard we are very grateful to our own Simon Thistlethwaite for sharing the following:-

” I became a member of British Triathlon Federation a couple of years ago after hearing about it through my triathlon club. With benefits such as no race day license fees, subscription to their own newsletter and many partner rewards it seemed like a no-brainer to become a member, which includes comprehensive insurance and accident cover for the UK and abroad. I have recently been involved in a RTC whilst cycling / training when I sustained many personal injuries and damage to property and clothing. One phone call to BTF and I was reassured that I was in good hands and that my legal costs would be covered in respect of a claim against the driver of the vehicle that hit me. After the initial trauma of the incident I now feel really reassured that BTF is on hand to take care of the legal side so that I can continue with my recovery. Thus far the process has been simple and there has always been someone available to talk to me or speak to via email when I have needed help with anything.”


Hi Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club,

We want to help YOU protect your members! Did you know that club insurance cover doesn’t extend to individual club members?

A simple way to ensure your members are protected to take part in triathlon is to encourage them to sign up for British Triathlon Home Nation membership. Members can benefit from £15m Public Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Cover and free Legal Advice Service if an incident occurs whilst training or racing.

Visit our online insurance centre for more information about the member’s insurance and Legal Services.

The offer is that if Tuff Fitty Sign up 5 new members or more they gain advantage of up to 40% off the RRP! Taking the pricing above this 40% reduces the price down to £34 for the core package (not available to existing or renewing BTF members). The full details are here

As this needs to be centrally co-ordinated please advise Clive Harvey if you wish to take up the offer. To enable us to accrue five, or more, people to take up this offer, please advise before the end of November. We have a substantive number of BTF members already, and so whilst the ‘five or more’ offer runs into the future, as we harness more of our members the available pool of candidates will reduce, so if interested it is recommended you don’t delay. Any questions – please ask.


There are three tiers to our affiliations for running. Tuff Fitty affiliate to England Athletics which in turn brings us under the UK Athletics banner, but as with the BTF this does not cover individual club members. If you wish to affiliate this currently costs £15 for the year in question which is for a fixed year through until the 31st March. Once signed up you get a Unique Runner Number. This enables members to claim a discount when selecting ‘affiliated’ on many race entry forms of £2 (although not Fun Run League Races). So there is an economic case for joining if you are planning on entering various road races throughout the year. The full range of benefits are shown here

Whilst members can sign up now, this is for the reduced period until the end of March 2020. Once open for next year members will be advised if they wish to consider then. We understand that for 2020/21 individual membership will rise to £16 but that is only 8 running races throughout the 12 month period.

One of the other benefits is that provided we meet a set number (which we do) there is the chance of one guaranteed London Marathon place each year. Your club has already submitted the request for next year and once activated we will consult those who are members.

Finally as we are affiliated to UK Athletics this enables us to align with Sussex County Athletics for a further fee. This is paid by Tuff Fitty and there is no requirement from members to act on this one. The major benefit through this affiliation is that it makes Tuff Fitty an eligible club to participate in the Sussex Cross Country league each year.


This is a straightforward affiliation to explain because the central fee that your club pays covers all of our members. This can be succinctly explained as the CTT membership allows any TF member to ride any TT subject to the entry requirements. There’s no need for personal affiliation

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