#STRun2022: Summer Tuff Runs

STRun (Summer Tuff Runs) is a series of run events aimed at being fun, with a bit of friendly competition, and to encourage as many Tuffs to participate and support these excellent local events.

There are 5 events we will be targeting, of which your best 3 results will count towards the #STRun2022 Leader Board.

The events and dates are:

  1. 4th June – Littlehampton ParkRun
  2. 29th June – Beat the Tide 10km (Sussex Trail Events)
  3. 24th July – Dawn on the Downs 10km (REP – don’t forget the 10% TuffFitty Discount code – see Spond) (note changed from Gatting 5 which has been cancelled)
  4. 13th August – Worthing ParkRun
  5. 28th August – Arundel Castle 10km

Please note that only the Park Run results from Littlehampton on 4th June, and Worthing on the 13th August will count.

To level the playing field, we will use the “World Masters Athletics” calculator to determine your “Age-perf%” for each event. Your final score will be the sum of your best 3 “Age-perf%” results.

We will attempt to obtain every Tuff Fitty members results directly from the official event website. However if we miss any, please submit your results using the form at the bottom of this page.

For the ParkRun events, please ensure you have assigned “Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club” as your account Group Name. To find out whether you are assigned to the “Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club”, please click here:

NameLittlehampton Park RunAge GradeBeat the Tide 10kmAge GradeDawn on the Downs 10kmAge GradeWorthing ParkRunAge GradeArundel Castle 10kmAge GradeBest Of 3
Mark Walford00:17:4776.0101:04:4042.5500:17:3877.2200:40:2368.14221.37
Simon Thistlethwaite0:42:4069.2600:46:1861.2200:19:0576.1600:43:5567.29212.71
Les Pearce00:22:5472.130:50:2967.4500:23:3969.84209.42
Janet Shepherd00:28:1568.971:03:1165.0501:09:1459.3600:28:1768.8901:03:1465.00202.91
Adrian Oliver0:48:2564.7800:22:0269.5900:47:3865.85200.22
Kate Cooper0:52:4364.2400:58:2058.0600:52:0065.13187.43
Clive Harvey00:26:2962.370:57:5758.7600:25:5664.2185.33
Claire Moyle00:31:1960.671:08:4758.1101:19:3050.2700:31:3760.0901:13:4154.24178.87
Emma Hinton00:23:1066.760:53:4959.2401:01:5751.47177.47
Jenny Oliver00:36:0952.561:16:2352.3201:20:5349.4100:32:1858.82163.70
Domonic Amey0:46:5164.6700:20:2372.94137.61
Marc Flinders00:19:5467.9200:43:2562.99130.91
Andy Crawford00:20:2269.2300:47:2860.25129.48
Sue Neilson01:03:5757.7200:24:4270.72128.44
Malcolm Brown0:51:4162.300:49:2365.20127.50
Graham Liddell00:23:0268.2300:56:4357.30125.53
Jo Baldwin00:23:4263.640:55:0656.35119.99
Spencer Scott0:53:5056.2800:50:1460.32116.60
Bob Thomas00:32:2161.311:15:0054.69116.00
Leah Simms0:54:4459.8700:58:4955.71115.58
Jon Babbage0:48:0957.1500:49:1255.93113.08
Vanessa Green00:26:5958.741:01:5452.93111.67
Kevin Pearson00:23:2563.9901:04:4647.58111.57
Mark Sole0:53:4455.4300:26:3754.98110.41
Paul Martin00:55:1251.8100:50:4656.80108.61
Alistair Evans00:33:2749.3801:12:5146.7496.12
Sue Pinky1:39:3934.8100:37:0844.9779.78
Karly Martin01:24:2137.5201:20:5539.1176.63
James Brock01:19:4034.7901:12:5338.0372.82
Chris Robinson00:20:2772.772.70
Emily Moore/Vaz00:43:5469.1069.10
Shelley Dodman00:22:0068.9468.94
Juliette Reader00:21:3968.2168.21
Iris Bennett0:48:0965.2865.28
Alex Webb0:43:0864.7664.76
Gareth Coombes00:41:2764.5864.58
Steven Woodbridge00:22:3163.5863.58
Edward Lay00:23:3763.4463.44
Tom Frith00:47:5262.2262.22
Colin Simpson0:56:5762.1662.16
Clair Carman00:26:0561.9861.98
Phil Scales0:45:0761.4361.43
Oliver Thomas00:43:4861.3861.38
Oliva Morey00:50:5559.5759.57
Jake Melvin0:46:4457.1757.17
Clare Worgan0:55:5256.2656.26
Amy Flinders00:54:2655.7355.73
Richard Budd00:23:3255.1755.17
Jessica Coombes00:56:5553.2953.29
Catharine Western00:58:1052.6952.69
Shiela Bailey1:09:1150.7350.73
Katie Goddard1:00:5949.9649.96
Callum Kalbfell00:57:2946.4846.48
Elaine Rousseau00:36:1144.2244.22
Nina Tully1:16:0441.9141.91
Kate Evans1:16:0141.0941.09
2022/06/04 – Littlehampton Park Run 5kmhttps://www.parkrun.org.uk/littlehamptonprom/results/92/
2022/06/29 – Worthing Beat The Tide 10kmhttps://www.timingmonkey.co.uk/results/BeatTheTide22/
2022/07/24 – REP Dawn on the Downs 10kmhttps://www.resultsbase.net/event/6057/results
2022/08/13 – Worthing Park Run 5kmhttps://www.parkrun.org.uk/worthing/results/242/
2022/08/28 – Arundel Scouts 10kmhttps://chiptimingresults.co.uk/results.aspx?CId=61&RId=499

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