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Tuff On Track – aka ‘The Durrington Project’

The Track runs have been building week on week and are affectionately known as ‘The Durrington Project’ as everyone strives to improve their performance. Gains are being made as illustrated in many run results that Tuff’s are displaying.

Thanks to Dave March and Andy Ward for their valuable coaching guidance and for all the runners that participate each week

This week Marchy explained that there are other ways of making gains on the run without having to plod along for miles and miles. Fitness is one thing but Technique is probably something that few of us consciously work on. This evening he concentrated on technique. There was still plenty of running for those that preferred but for the rest there were some extra technique sessions. Further technique specific sessions will be added monthly during the summer

Still haven’t tried a track session yet? you would be most welcome.

This week Marchy brought his Coach’s bag of tricks – including Hurdles and cones, to lead everyone through some drills. Some were familiar, other less so and several with much hilarity from the assembled masses as you will see from the slideshow below.