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Littlehampton Beach Run (updated with results)

Race Number 3 in our Summer Tuff Run series, the target race was Littlehampton Beach Run. A circa 5 mile run along the beach to Rustington then on the Greensward east before doubling back on the same route trying to avoid soft sand, rocks and big pools of seawater. To finish, a dash up the shingle before a final sprint onto the Beach Green.

Whilst selected as part of our own club run league the warm weather would bring out hundreds of runners, as this was also a fixture from West Sussex Fun run league. Could we compete with single discipline clubs? – Oh Yes we could as club members started to gather around the Tuff flag, the biggest on show.  It turned out that would be 549 finishers, and with 23 Tuff’s starting and more supporting, a great evening of running, although not all appear in the photo above. A chaotic start with so many runners, with some getting tripped over at the first corner but quality shines through. Tom Goddard, Dave March Andy Crawford and Simon Thistlethwaite were the first club members back all inside the top 35. A very strong run from our Club Captain saw Tom given a bottle of shower gel as a spot prize. Was this a reward for a good run, or were the organisers trying to tell him something! Whilst a good numbers of Tuff competitors, thanks to Dom and Geordie Paul for riding over to cheer, Cliff, Lindsay, Paul H, Linda and Nicole E, for their support on the course.

There are ten Tuff’s who have now completed all three of the STRUN’s so far leaving them well placed to cherry pick their best scores from the remaining races in the season which are listed below.   The times are listed here:-

Pos Time Name
26 30:15 Tom Goddard
32 30:47 David March
33 30:48 Andy Crawford
34 30:52 Simon Thistlethwaite
56 31:43 Matt Whittaker
71 32:17 Chris Robinson
97 33:31 Tom Gray
119 34:37 Christian Powell
127 34:49 Danny Cunnett
134 34:59 Stephen Feest
137 35:09 Simone Scott
182 36:55 Rebecca Day
213 38:10 Stuart Harvey
235 38:45 Catharine Western
247 39:08 Graham Liddell
254 39:33 Debbie Gatland
264 39:55 Debra Cauchy-Duval
268 40:15 Clive Harvey
273 40:28 Tony Day
299 41:47 Chris Levitt
408 46:56 Bob Thomas
514 54:39 Chris Evans
515 54:40 Leanne Levitt

Race 4= Steyning Round Hill Romp Wed 6th July
Race 5= Beat The Tide – Worthing Wed 20th July*
Race 6= Highdown Hike – Goring Wed 3rd August
Race 7= Hove Lawns Park Run Sat 13th August

* Please note Beat the Tide is not only a cracking race but it is staged by our very own Chris, Danny and Jay from Sussex Trail events. If you want to enter this one, don’t leave it too late as it is was oversubscribed last year