Bognor (Sea) Triathlon 11th September

Ollie McDonald has reported in following the 7am start at Felpham Sailing Club.

Five Tuff’s turned out for Bognor Sea Swim triathlon on Sunday organised by Awesome Sports Events. On Saturday, as some went to register, it looked like the sea swim could be a repeat of Worthing (choppy!). However, a beautiful morning arrived Sunday with near perfect race conditions.

Swim – I think a lot of people were surprised when the start whistle went, most of all myself as I was facing the shore! It was all a bit sudden. Anyway, off we went with Nicole P-L off like a rocket to the first buoy. A swim along the shore and back, then back onto the beach. Nicole was out with the leaders and onto the bike. Myself and Clive P-L followed and then Adam Parsons and Andy Crawford.

Onto the bike – a fast and flat course over the Bognor bypass. Firstly we had to negotiate some residential areas, with Sunday morning drivers – I think all other Tuff’s avoided them but not me. As a driver pulled to a junction, saw me, pulled out, panicked, stopped I went straight into the side of his car. By some miracle I was sliding sideways with both wheels and hitting his car propped me back upright with no damage – to me or bike! I made my feelings known and then decided to carry on. The 20km route was a little short but I wasn’t complaining! All off safely from the bike, it was out on the 5km run.

A two lap course which headed along the promenade and back was always going to be fast. Andy Crawford recorded the fastest run split and Clive continued his comeback (can I call it that or will he make an LL Cool J reference?!) and was back in racing form. I was happy with 5th spot overall, closely followed by Clive P-L and Nicole took first female! 3 Tuff’s in the top 10.

That wasn’t all, whilst this has only been Adam Parsons first year as a Tuff he did well crossing in 17th position overall – all five Tuff’s in the top seventeen.

Another well organised event by the Awesome Sports Events guys. Maybe a few more ‘race on progress’ signs – another 2 riders had incidents with cars from what I heard. The swim ended up around 900m and the bike a few km short of the 24km advertised but all in all a cracking mornings racing.

Well done to all involved!


Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
5th Oliver McDonald 15:36 00:52 33:38:00 00:29 20:22 01:10:57
7th Clive Patterson-Lett 15:59 01:08 33:56:00 00:39 20:25 01:12:08
9th  1st F Nicole Patterson-Lett 13:43 01:12 36:42:00 00:55 22:17 01:14:50
13th Andy Crawford 20:41 00:57 35:56:00 00:20 20:10 01:18:05
17th Adam Parsons 20:02 02:18 36:53:00 00:36 23:13 01:23:03


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