Saturday Coached Swim: 5pm

  • WHEN: Saturday from 5:00pm until 6:00pm
  • WHERE: Littlehampton Wave (BN15 2NA) – Google Map
  • COST: £4 members only (Littlehampton Wave entry fee included)
  • BOOKING: Required via Spond (limited spaces available)
  • COACHED: Yes
  • ARRIVE BY 4:45pm for registration, get changed ready to swim promptly by 5:00pm
  • SWIM STROKE: Front Crawl
  • SWIM DISTANCE: Typically 1.5km to 3km
  • FORMAT: 5 minutes warm-up, 50 minutes of drills, swim reps targeting triathlon swim distances and races, 5 minutes warm-down

If you are a new or inexperienced swimmer and do not feel quite ready for a full session of front crawl, then we can recommend the following which focus on improving general swimming technique and endurance:

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