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Weekend Round Up 14th 15th October

The dark evenings have arrived, but with floodlights for track sessions, a headtorch run Monday (24th), Tuff Training continues apace; particularly as The Wave is fully open again for our swim training. Yet more fantastic personal Tuff achievements below:-


British Triathlon teamed up with the charity London Hearts to enable affiliated BTF clubs to purchase portable defibrillators at a reduced price, and as London Hearts is a charity no VAT was required. Tuff Fitty are proud of being able to help our members in a small way achieve their goals, having a lot of fun along the way. It is a great by product of the size of our club that we can be a force for good. Over the past year we have raised and donated considerable funds for cancer related charities. Using The Beach Cafe at Littlehampton for sea swims, meetings and start points for some runs and cycles, Tuff Fitty used the London Hearts offer to present a defibrillator to James Hoare at The Beach. The machine was handed over this week. and we continue future charity support. The presentation was made as it coincided with a training day for local representatives & staff at The Beach to learn associated first aid skills. The chance of survival decreases 10% per minute after a cardiac arrest, making every second count in having access to a defibrillator. Handing over the machine now was perfect timing as October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest awareness month.

Paul, Richard, Adrian & Craig


Saturday saw the start of the Cross Country league and despite a good season last year, this first fixture saw several unable to attend the course at Goodwood. Captain Adrian Oliver issued several rallying cries, and the usual chocolate inducement, together with the Tuff Gazebo proudly standing meant Tuff Fitty were able to muster teams.

The ladies were off first and apologies to them as unusually there was no one to record the proceedings; something to address at the next fixture. The course was circa 5k and Esther Fair finished in just 22:44 – a great result on the undulating course. Kate Cooper was our next runner and we are grateful as she is one of our cross country regulars. Thanks also go to Claire Moyle and Jenny Oliver as not only did we have more than the 3 required for a team we recorded a ‘B’ Team on the league table. A strong mid table position from our ladies team on the first fixture – thank you,

Next up half an hour later; our men’s team who had to run 8km. A further great performance from Esther Fair as not only did she capture the men’s team in action, – photo credits to Esther (Album below), she also responded to the call for participants by encouraging her partner Craig to ensure Tuffs secured a strong scoring team position. Great to see Paul Martin recovered from injury as he was our first Tuff across the line in 34:14. Captain Adrian Oliver was next and then Richard Jay. Richard has only been a Tuff for a few weeks but has been so supportive of both the Goodwood relays and here for the league. Then Craig Blackman who recorded a strong time; thank you Craig for your support; much appreciated. Kudos to Nathan Bilham who competed for his running club, but as their only rep, perhaps he would have had more impact with Team Tuff.

Often Tuff Fitty are the only standard bearers for pure multisport clubs, but this year Brighton Tri were in action as well and are ahead of us in the league. Thanks to those who raced this weekend, can we muster a bigger Tuff collective for the next fixture at Ardingly on Saturday, November 12th?.

Click on the above photo to view the album
library picture around Portsmouth dockyard


After a very blustery Saturday, conditions improved for Sunday’s 32nd staging of the Great South Run from Southsea. The wind abated, replaced with a warm 17 degree course. Whilst the race stopped being televised in 2019 that didn’t hide some some inspiring Tuff times amongst Europe’s leading 10 mile distance field

Richard Hobbs had been modestly playing down his chances of a good time from a recent ankle injury, particularly over the course with plentiful turns. Hobbsie is a GSR regular and whilst his time was his third fastest, a time of 64 minutes is still very impressive. Worth giving kudos to Hobbsie’s daughter, Sophie, running for the first time. Congratulations to three further Tuffs on receiving their solid medal with Vicky Cooper crossing next, Elaine Rousseau & Kate Evans.

Thanks to Elaine Rousseau who has written in with her report:-

“Just 2 weeks after London Marathon I took on Great South Run.  Really didn’t know what the legs were capable of.  I had a time in my head but didn’t say it out loud as I didn’t want to put real pressure on myself.  Another goal I decided on at 5 miles was to run it all without stopping to walk (never done that – EVER).”

“Even with pace pro on my Garmin I didn’t hit goal A but I did get a sub-2 hour time so really happy with that and I did manage to run the full 10 miles so really pleased with that too”.

“I obviously looked a little green crossing the finish as I was given a sick bag (which I gratefully accepted – I’ll leave the rest of that to your imagination )”

“Great South Run never disappoints – great crowds and fantastically busy with runners as always “

“Loving what I’ve achieved this year and thank you to everyone who has supported me in every capacity.”

“That really does conclude my racing year – what a blast” Thanks


Danny & Glenn


Two Tuffs travel to York for the 10th staging of the city’s marathon. The story as to how Danny Bruce and Glenn Parisi came to be on the start line is a tale in itself and thanks to Danny for explaining what happened:-

“So, rather than buy me an organised tour and 3 day ‘mini break’  in a posh hotel,  my good buddy of 35 years, Glenn Parisi, decided it would be a great idea for my 60th birthday present to sign us both up for my first ever marathon at York city on the 16th October,  staying 3 nights in his camper van”.

“I think he initially received the kind of thanks from me, similar to that of when you receive a naff pair of socks at Christmas from your nan…”

“Can’t say I was initially looking forward to the prospect of long arduous training runs to get anywhere near being able to attempt it,  but after Andy Ward kindly sent me a 16 week training program it wasn’t long before I was on long arduous training runs (oh and during one of the hottest summers we’ve had in years).”

“To be fair, it was a gradually increasing run program that built you up over the weeks and months, for an accumulation of miles”.

“All going well until week 14 whilst on my last 10 miles on a Saturday to be followed by 18 on the Sunday, my calf muscle pinged and pulled. Couldn’t believe my luck, so close to the race and after much time and training. I went to a sports injury clinic twice just prior to the race hoping for the best”.

“So Glenn picked me up last Friday morning in his van for 3 nights in York. At the end of walking around the beautiful City on Saturday, my calf was in agony. I was hardly able to walk on it,  putting me into a low state of mind, potentially jeopardising my run, 4 months of training and wasting the last 4 weeks of even being off the booze”.

“However, on race day morning, we made our way to the York University start location and my calf seemed ok. Against sports injury advice, I took two lots of pain killers and hoped for the best”.

“Unbelievably no calf pain throughout and got through it at a steady slow pace. It was a great atmosphere throughout the course with lots of spectators cheering everyone on. It went initially through the City Centre and then out into the country side. Even one of the rural Church congregations were outside cheering us on, though initially I thought the Vicar was there to read me my last rites, but he was taking high fives from everyone so I followed suit”

“Being Glenn’s 39th marathon he very graciously stayed with me the whole race giving me encouragement throughout (despite the fact he stopped for 4 toilet breaks, he still flipping well caught up with me)!”

“The course finished back at the University with great fanfare and support, even way down the line for the likes of me. We crossed the line together, and like any race, it’s always a great feeling to get over the line, but I have to say, for me,  an absolute fantastic feeling having completed my first marathon”. 

“My time? 5hrs 41m…slow and steady was my plan and to get around (and not to get swept up by the course ‘sweeper’ of 7 hours)”.

“Anyhow, it was then out for quite a few beers and a curry,  which in itself is a great challenge having to then sleep in a confined space of a camper van…”

“I know many of you Tuffs have done loads of marathons and all due great respect. For those of you that haven’t and thinking about it, the training is long and time consuming but the bottom line is, the reward of crossing the line is fantastic…and if I can do it, anyone can!”

“Cheers for the Birthday present Glenn, though next year can I have a pair of socks!”.



We had two more Tuffs in marathon action this weekend Steve Fryer & Rick Budd. Having initially entered Richmond marathon as a warm up, the re-scheduled date meant it was too close to Amsterdam. so this became their target, Amsterdam Marathon is classed as the world’s fourth fastest taking in the Amstel river bank and finishes at the atmospheric Olympic Stadium where its first marathon was held in 1928 (Banner shot his week is the race start inside the stadium).

With 12,666 finishers Steve Fryer recorded a finish of 3hour 30 min. A great time just 10 minutes outside the age group masters qualifying time. Rick Budd also did well finishing is 3:48 – congratulations to them both.

Dom Amey with (moved away Tuffs) – Simone & Andy


Thank you to Dom Amey who has reported in from a weekend away taking in roads and two paths around Twickenham:-

“The Cabbage Patch pub in Twickenham is the home of this 10 mile run which this year celebrated 40 years since it was first staged. It’s very popular with local running clubs and attracts plenty of rapid runners with past winners including Sir Mo Farah.

Being close to the current stomping ground of ex Tuffs Andy and Kirsty I’ve used it as a good excuse to visit them for the weekend a few times in the past. This year another ex Tuff, Sim, joined us from Edinburgh as well and we were treated to a beautifully sunny Sunday morning for it. 

The course runs roughly along the banks of the Thames so it’s flat and even though it’s tight and twisty in places, overall it seems a pretty quick route. As a bonus to a fun weekend of catching up with friends I was pleased to knock a chunk of time off my previous efforts here before picking up the medal (now wooden), the re-designed t-shirt and a good supply of recovery food and drink. No sign of Mo though.



At Worthing parkrun, first Tuff home was Jay McCardle. More used to longer distances he flew around in just 20:58 and reached his 50th parkrun milestone in the process. Just 4 seconds behind, great running from Ollie McDonald in 21:02. The swift times continued with Danny Cunnett finishing in 23:11 & Maisie Johnston in 23:43. Les Pearce completed his 171st parkrun. Ed Lay was on pacing duties for his 102nd parkrun. Clearly Elaine Rousseau’s marathon training is paying off with a new PB on this course.

Littlehampton parkrun saw Colin Simpson cross as first Tuff home notching up his 198th parkrun. Sue Simpson also completed for her 161st and just behind Alistair Evans for his 102nd. Great to see Paul Thomas back for his second Littlehampton run shaving almost two minutes off September’s PB – well done Paul.

Maidenhead parkrun saw Trevor Harvey in action for his 55th parkrun.

Dave March notched up his 44th parkrun at Hove Prom parkrun in 22:50 a great comeback from his recent ankle injury

Great results from our Tuff Thirteen


Don’t forget Tuff Fitty’s Annual General Meeting after swimming on the 22nd October; (Upstairs in studio 2) an opportunity to hear how your club has operated over the past twelve months and learn about your new committee.


Momentum is building steadily for Tuff Fitty’s social event of the year. Ticket sales are now building, so you wouldn’t want to miss out would you? – ticket sales can be purchased here Further details will be announced at the AGM but it is sufficient to say the evening will be epic, so organise car shares, come along and help celebrate another successful year of Tuffness. The raffle alone is worth attending for with a superb range of valuable prizes, and don’t forget you can shape the evening by nominating your own Top Tuff. Friday 11th November