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Here they are folks, the dates/events you have all been waiting for :
Steyning Tri            1st May
Arundel Lido Tri      29th May
#1 Lido Race          10th June
Chichester Tri         3rd July
#3 Lido Race         19th August
Worthing Tri            28th August
Championships to be awarded based on best 3 results from the above counting events. Check out the Club Championship page for all the details.
Don’t forget you need to race in club kit in order to qualify (there is currently an order open which runs until end of April – details can be found on this page).

Richmond Spring Riverside 10k

Kirsty Keith, Andy Strong and Miki Floyd at the Richmond Riverside 10k

Cold drizzly conditions greeted Mikki Floyd, Strongie and Kirsty (posh Tuffs) up at the Richmond 10k along with 500 other runners all trying to park their Range Rovers near to the start! Strongie was first Tuff home just over 20 secs clear of Mikki. Kirsty got home in a new PB. Maynard was there in support (Porsche not Range Rover!!) displaying his usual aptitude for eating and drinking………….come to think of it he was supposed to be official photographer, but all I’ve seen is pictures of him drinking coffee!

East Grinstead Aquathlon

You all know the form, I send out the email asking what you have been up to, you send me a 3 word response, and I make up, fabricate and embellish it all for the race report, well this week it was all different as I got this “quite” amusing response from Jo Pascoe……all I had to do was find the appropriate photos!

Hi Clive,
To be chicked or not to be chicked?
So Bob
(The Legend Thomas), Tom (not so legendary Goddard) and I arrived early Sunday morning for the EG aquathlon. It was like the cast of dad’s army in lycra, just with two Pike’s and god knows where the other Godfrey was. The race was cold with a twisty run course. Bob probably cycled home because he missed  his super veteran prize. Tom and I mentioned he already received a veteran award  for his efforts back in ’45 so we saluted and moved on. 1st women was announced as 3rd overall so Tom and I were now quite worried. It was 1st or 2nd or chicked! Tom was called for a well deserved 2nd overall which left me panicking.  Some other “athlete” was announced 1st so that was that. Chicked on the first race of the season. In a fortunate turn of events the guy had read the results out wrong leaving two Tuffs on the podium unchicked. Phew!

Brighton Mitre Hilly 10

Wendy Frost (front-center) on a training ride

Setting an example to us all was coach Wendy Frost who took on the Brighton Mitre Hilly 10 over Easter Weekend. Question: Why don’t more  of you do time trials? The bike is the biggest section of any triathlon, you all do individual running  and swim races but very few do bike races (sportives don’t count!)…..just askin’.
Anyway, Wendy went up to Kirdford to take on this early season TT classic event over a hilly country lanes circuit. Good early season leg stretch for Wendy, though she did report that she had a nasty drop in blood sugars……..more cake required Wendy? Well done to her in horrendous conditions, singing “Things can only get better” all the way round.

Swimathon 5k


Good to get a report from Meg Gritton as we don’t hear enough about her swimming exploits. She took on the 5k Swimathon at Steyning Pool (so gold star there for mental toughness in what is, in my view, the dullest pool in the county!)
Meg reports sharing a lane with the inevitable breast strokers but they allowed her to pass  (far too civilised, these people deserve to be swum over!) and she went on to successfully complete the full 5kms
Tribute to Meg’s hard training in the pool was an 11 minute improvement on her previous 5k time (yes you read that right, an 11 minute improvement!!)
Well done Meg.

Lewes WSFRL 10k


Thankfully Chris Robinson sent me this very picturesque photo from the Lewes WSFRL 10k so I didn’t have to post a picture of another barely discernible “Strava Animal”  or trawl Facebook for a photo of him with hair! ( a word of advice there is a very dodgy video of him on FB “beatboxing” – whatever that is?!?)
Chris took on this challenging event with Nicole Ewer and got round in 45 mins , based on time, initially I thought he had walked round (just kidding Chris!) but the 40mph+ winds, puddles and cow dung hampered all the runners plus the fact that Chris lost a shoe probably didn’t help?!. This really is a great event with a bit of a difference in that its mostly all off road-highly recommended.

Maidenhead 10 miler

The Harveys at Maidenhead 10 miler

ALERT!ALERT ALERT!!!!!!!!! Be warned there is another Harvey out there! The regulars Trev andClive were joined by Clive’s son Stuart for this event. Though please note from the photograph what damage a life poorly lived; worrying about Tuff Fitty admin, overseas trips with fellow Tuffs and a terrible line in jokes can do!!!!
Stuart returned a very respectable 1hr 22mins for the 10 mile race, not too shabby after debuting at the recent Chichester 10km. All finishers got chocolate (Wendy maybe give this one a try?!) Clive reports that this was the 63rd running of the event with early editions excluding women because of the excessive distance…..apparently it was felt their bodies couldn’t withstand the distance………….. I don’t think (?) Clive has done all 63 races, but clearly it’s taken its toll on his body! (again see pic!)