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Tuff Fitty Wetsuit Swim

As we enter May, the Triathlon season gets into full swing, starting with Steyning Triathlon where over 20 Tuffs will be lining up for the race this weekend.  Of equal note is that the open water Tri’s also start this month, particularly Swashbuckler which several club members have already entered.

However, as the season approaches do you A) Wiggle and squirm your way into your wetsuit getting all hot and bothered indoors alone to see if it still fits.   Alternatively there is option B) Become a member of Tuff Fitty as one of our club specials is our annual wetsuit swim. Tuff Fitty hire Arundel Lido just before they open for the season. The heating had already been turned on but it would not have reached full operating temperature. This provides an ideal opportunity for everyone to check their wetsuits would last another season and that they could still get into them.

It was a great turnout (and yes everyone could still fit into their suits) although there were plenty of clubmates around to ensure everyones zips could be closed.

There was a set to follow for those wanting a serious workout & as you will see from the above photos there was still time for plenty of fun. With the Cabin hired as well, the evening proved a great success; both from a training perspective and a good social.

Look out for the promotion of sea swims and also our dates for our 2018 summer Lido Race series where we hold our club races and barbecues coming soon.

Photo Gallery is below
Lido Wetsuit Swim 1st May