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Club Lido Race 26th July

This Friday’s date clashed with our intrepid ‘Outlaw Tuffs’ heading to Nottingham which was unavoidable, but there was still a large turnout for our second Lido club race of the summer.

The aim of these events includes a lot of socialising and eating at the infamous barbecue, oh, and the chance to collect some bling after a 400m swim and 5km Aquathlon.

As Tuffs arrived it was clear there was a good mix of those there for the social aspect with others looking as the race to build up an appetite. During the evening just short of 40 members were present

After the now traditional photo pose, the racing commenced. There was quite a competitive edge as some people stroked out down the pool, yet there were two others who stopped for a discussion to decide how many more lengths they ought to swim, and exiting the steep poolside was almost an after you; no after you, affair.

As we might have predicted, Andy Tester blitzed the swim with a split of 5:40. Hazel Tuppen just beat Juliette Reader for the best female swim split by 2 seconds. Regularly people have good swim times here leading to thoughts of ‘is the pool really 25m’? So as Steve just happened to have a 30m tape in his car this was settled once and for all. Spot on 25m, so everyone can claim their swift swim splits; it must be the scenic view and fresh air that makes people swim quicker!

From here the run route headed down to the Black Rabbit and up the hill to Offham before retracing steps.

It was on the run route that Henry Teague-Smith got into his stride – literally, recording a run split of just 18.49 which included time in transition. Not to be outdone, Juliette Reader recorded the fastest female run split.

There were just two relay teams this time and the Tuff collective pointed out that they had an advantage in that they were already shod. Therefore Tiff and Trev had to take their trainers off, and put them on again only once tagged. With Jimbo & Marc swimming first this was a very serious contest (although they wouldn’t admit to that!)

Once everyone was home and ‘medalled up’ the evening moved back into the Lido where Steve ‘Lardy’ Jones had the barbecue ready to be served and Catharine had prepared the salad.

The main emphasis was not on competition but as usual people are asking for times with several chuffed that they got new PB’s or best strava segments which is gratifying – times listed below.

Lido Club Race July 19


Swim times were taken as people heaved themselves out of the water with run times including transition times,

Henry Teague-Smith6.3718.4925.26
Dave March6.3621.2428.00
Andy Tester5.4022.3628.16
Jon Babbage8.1320.2228.35
Nick Bolding8.1421.2629.40
Juliette Reader6.3724.1530.52
Lee Bishop7.3023.2730.57
Adrian Oliver6.5724.2731.24
James Brock7.08)
Trevor Harvey(25.5233.00
Marc Rice8.10)
Tiff Orton(25.2533.35
Debbie Boxall7.2526.3534.00
Sue Neilson9.0325.4334.46
Hazel Tuppen6.3528.3935.14
Clare Worgan7.5728.1536.12
Jenny Oliver8.3529.2538.00
Nicole Ewer9.0329.0238.05
Susan Douglas7.3532.3540.10
Shelley Babbage11.2929.3841.07
Chris Evans8.0634.2042.26
Claire Moyle9.5834.4144.39