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Montreal Triathlon AG Sprint World Championships

Montreal in the Canadian city of Quebec is the second-most populous city in the country. This venue was the setting for the Sprint Triathlon world championships. Starting on Thursday 23rd with Aquathlon & Swim run; the women’s Sprint Triathlon was on the Friday. Saturday was the turn of the men, both of which were over 750m swim, 20k bike & 5k run. Then the more recent format of mixed relays took place on the Sunday. We were honoured to have Maisie Johnston, Mark Walford and Andy Crawford on the start lines. Andy Crawford continues his comeback scoring strong times, finishing well up the results sheet and then we have first Mark and then Maisie’s stories of their Canadian adventure. Congratulations to Andy, Maisie & Mark.


“I have never gone into a race more prepared, knowing the course, transitions and turning up early. Everything double checked, hydration and food on point. Then walk to start line with Andy, chatting away, putting wetsuit on then couldn’t see anyone from my wave, turns out they had been called and I didn’t hear, they was all lined up on the Ponton and I was not. Cue a big sprint effort to line up, get there and the announcer said 2 mins till start. I sat and composed myself, looked out over the harbour and relaxed”.

“I Got in the water knowing the next hour and a bit was gonna be crazy. Horn goes for the swim & I sprinted, I knew the first buoy was 150m away, I got there and then tucked in on someone’s feet, getting the drag. I felt OK and before I knew it I was climbing out the water but didn’t start watch 🤦 a long transition was time for me to jump a few places, grabbed the bike and was out”

“I jumped on bike smoothly like practised and suddenly found myself with a little group, we all worked well, 2 Mexican, polish, a Canadian & I for most the ride. I have never biked so hard, clinging in and trying not to mess up, few cornering issues but in general all went well, shoe came off dismounting, got that back but I made the time up and we all left transition together”.

“Quickly we could see who the runners where, Canadian was rapid and a Mexican was bit quicker than me, my job was to keep him in sight. I knew I gave the bike my all, my legs felt heavy I was worried I gave it to much, the heat was over 25c and no shade, not the weather conditions for me to be great. My pace was down on my usual run but only one person went by me and we took a few people on the run. Not far from the line I put a slight push in but didn’t get me any closer to the Mexican so I decided on the finishing straight to slow just a touch and take it all in,

“I was finishing a world championships not long after taking the sport up, all the training now had a reward. As I crossed the line I knew I had given it my all and I couldn’t have done any better. Checking the results, I didn’t care where I came but to find out I swam and cycled a pb just showed how hard I worked. it is a race I won’t ever forget”.


A great report made all the sweeter for Mark as he advises he was the second Brit in his age group, and, as he was leaving Canada Mark received confirmation that he qualified for the European’s next year – Huge congratulations Mark


“Highlights from Montreal World AG Champs Sprint & Relay 2022″.

“Just back from an amazing week in Montreal for the Sprint & Relay AG World Champs. Managed to navigate the chaos & delays at both airports, & everything arrived intact”.

“The race venue was at the stunning ‘Grande Quai‘ on the St Lawrence River, due to all the elite racing our transition was actually on the second floor of the port building, so a long dodgy run up 3 flights of external  metal stairs to T1!  (photo below)”.

“Firstly, the weather during the 2 days of AG racing was super hot, 30C but high humidity meant it felt a lot hotter.  The swim was a comfy 19C,  however everyone opted for wetsuits (oh, the on going dilemma, to wear or not to wear!) Bike course was 2 laps down to the Old Quarter, flattish, very technical with a couple of sharp ramps.  Run course, flat out and back, again with a couple of sharp short ramps just to get your heart rate spiking! 

So, my AG wave (49 ladies) was away at 9am, in-water start.  Pretty frantic from the gun but I eventually pulled away from the main pack found some toes & caught up to the front pack. Came out 10th. Was in a group of 5 on the bike, let the American lady do most of the work but did do a few turns and led us in to T2, 5th after the bike.  Out on the run, heat and fatigue set in and I was overtaken during the first half of the run by a fellow GB lady.  Coming back to the finish got pipped by another American with 200m to go, nothing left in the tank, I’m afraid, no sprint finish here!  Finished in 7th. Overall very pleased. 2nd GB lady and within top ten means that I have qualified for the Worlds 2023, happy days.  

Next day, same again but shorter and faster….Relay Day! First ever Age Group Relay Race.  Wave start was much earlier and cooler at 7:15am. Man, woman, man, woman.  I was the anchor leg (4) so had the honour of bringing it home.  Very exciting, massive adrenaline rush, cheering for my fellow team mates before I was tagged to go.  Running dive off the ramp, I was 2nd into the water. On my own for the bike, just tucked down in the drops, attacking every corner, still 2nd off the bike, out on the run,1.4km to go.  At the turn around I could see everyone chasing me down, by this stage I was pretty exhausted, and again with just 400m to go, was caught by a Mexican lady (who had won the silver in the individual) I tried to go with her for about a second!  I managed to hold on for 3rd 🥉 which was just so amazing.  The crowds and cheers coming up to the finish line we’re incredible and something I will never forget!  

After a flurry of hugs, photos and celebrations it was just the medal ceremony to go!  Again amazing experience, and to share the podium as a Relay Team was just unreal.  

Home safe and sound, bit jet lagged, but an incredible whirlwind, a week I will never forget! “


Click on the photo below for some more Montreal sights

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