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Week Round Up 2nd 4th August


When Barry announced that Wednesday’s track was cancelled and replaced with participating in the WSFRL Highdown Hike 4-mile race, we suddenly got excited – Cross Country Season has begun!

True to the proper cross-country season, the weather on the day was very wet!  But we are Tuff…and unfortunately, 12 of us ran out of excuses.

West Sussex Fun Run League Highdown Hike

Some arrived early to ensure favourable car parking spaces, and others were sensible, arriving in time to register, quick warmup and line up.  It appeared that, unlike all the other clubs, our club captain didn’t get the memo about bringing the Tuff flag to impose our stamp on the event.

The drizzle stopped as we all lined up, and the double rainbow appeared over the race start.

Two laps of the lower field before heading up onto Highdown Hill for an anti-clockwise loop. 

West Sussex Fun Run League Highdown Hike

Once the loop was completed, it was back down to the lower field before completing an unexpected loop before the traditional epic finish line sprints.

West Sussex Fun Run League Highdown Hike

As expected, pure runs dominated this race, with the winner completing the 6.4km in 23:26.  Simon Thistlewaite can 32nd in an impressive 28:01, ahead of Stephen Fryer in 30:42 in 69th.  Dom Amey followed up in 31:53 in 81st, demonstrating that his Ironman training only temporarily affected his speed.  Oliver Thomas followed in 90th in 32:33. Sometime later, Adrian Oliver wandered in 122nd in 34:31, with Clare Worgan also transitioning from Ironman back to a speedy 35:14 in 34th place with Les Pearce in 36:11.  It was great seeing Graham Liddell getting back into race fitness with 36:18.  Paul Martin followed in 36:43, Colin Simpson in 38:37, Susan Douglas in 46:54, Clare Moyle in 51:59, and Chris Evans in 53:05.

Although different to the normal Wednesday evening track, such races provide an excellent opportunity to test out your speed and endurance.  Although Autumn is approaching, it also means the cross-country season is approaching.  There will hopefully be 5 races on the calendar, with the season usually kicking off with the Goodwood Cross Country Relay races followed by the 1st individual league race also in Goodwood.

So time to brush off the dust (and last season’s mud?) off your trail shores, ready for October!

Thanks to Sue Simpson for the race photography.

WSFRL Highdown Hike Race


Unlike last month’s club Aquathlon & BBQ, the conditions promised to be kinder to our second traditional annual summer social.  Once the course was set, signs placed, and the food delivered, the 24 competitors prepared themselves and their transition spots for the two wave swims.  

With Oliver Thomas and Graham Liddell on BBQ duties and Jenny Oliver and Wendy Frost sorting out all the salads and desserts, it was time for the competitors to get going.

Arundel Lido Aquathlon & BBQ August 2023

Twelve swimmers set off in Wave 1.  Once their 16 lengths (400m) were complete, most exited to start their run, tag off to their running team member, or collected their canicross running partner.  Meanwhile, one competitor felt a bit Greenish when she realised she couldn’t count and would have been the first swimmer out ahead of Susan Douglas, Tiff Orton and Chris Evans. 

Arundel Lido Aquathlon & BBQ August 2023

Once Wave 1 competitors were off onto their 5km run up the hill past the Black Rabit pub, Wave 2 was set off. Lane 1’s Alice Gatland was first out of the water in hot pursuit by Jon Cassell, soon followed by lane 4’s Katie Young, with Gareth Coombes still attached to her heal.  Nikki Gatland tagged off Alice, making for a super fast transition, which put a target on her back for Jon, Gareth and Mark Walford to chase.

Arundel Lido Aquathlon & BBQ August 2023

Out on the run, Jon Roper was busy photographing everyone at the 2.5km turnaround point, including when Nikki managed to outrun a Tesco delivery van.

Soon the first competitors were returning, with Olivia Morey putting out an impressive run to overtake Tiff Orton to the first home, soon followed by Iris Bennett having put in a similarly epic effort.  Before long the hordes started arriving back, all putting in extraordinary performances, with Jon Cassell taking the overall win, Mark Walford in 2nd, and Gareth Coombes in 3rd.  For the ladies, Katie Young took 1st (4th overall), Carrie Woods in 2nd, and Olivia Morey in 3rd.  Alice & Nikki Gatland were the 1st team (5th overall and 2nd ladies).

The full results table is below.

Once everyone was home, it was time to feast on the amazing spread of foods lovingly prepared and cooked by our club’s talented MasterChefs.  Everyone made quick work of the BBQ and salads before diving into the dessert tables while enjoying the warm and pleasant evening of socialising under the shadows of Arundel Castle.

Arundel Lido Aquathlon and BBQ

NameSwim TimeT1 + Run TimeTotal TimePositionGender Position
Jon Cassell0:05:500:19:440:25:341M1
Mark Walford0:06:200:20:190:26:392M1
Gareth Coombes0:06:150:20:330:26:483M3
Katie Young0:06:100:24:360:30:464F01
Alice & Nikki Gatland0:05:450:25:490:31:345F02 (Team F1)
Carey Woods0:07:030:25:170:32:206F03
Mark Sole0:07:300:25:220:32:527M4
Olivia Morey0:08:250:25:020:33:278F04
Tiffany Orton0:07:500:25:540:33:449F05
Will King0:07:250:26:240:33:4910M5
Clare Worgan0:07:200:26:340:33:5411F06
Emma Hinton0:07:020:27:340:34:3612F07
Iris Bennett0:08:500:26:070:34:5713F08
Sophie Garbo0:10:000:26:280:36:2814F09
Jessica Combes0:08:350:28:120:36:4715F10
Calum Kalbfell0:08:300:28:440:37:1416M6
Trevor Harvey0:08:150:29:520:38:0717M7
Janet Shepherd0:08:480:30:430:39:3118F11
Nes Green/Sheila Bailey0:06:550:32:510:39:4619F12 (Team F2)
Susan Douglas0:07:100:33:530:41:0320F13
Claire Moyle0:10:100:35:180:45:2821F14
Chris Evans0:08:000:39:100:47:1022M8