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Weekend Round Up 6th 7th January 2024

The first week of 2024 saw all Tuff Fitty’s training sessions back in action, plus the following to report on.

It was deliberate for the committee/coaches to choose the first Saturday swim back in 2024 for another “Power Hour” Billed as a Resolution Power swim it certainly helped everyone to banish any lingering Christmas malaise. It is great that we now have to differentiate our Power Hour’s following the successful track Power Hour in 2023 and the return of this swim hour kept the enthusiasm for the format sky high.

Thanks to Barry Davids who sorted our full compliment of 40 swimmers grading everyone equally in 8 teams of 5. Starting from the deep end of the pool, the first swimmers had to swim 25m and upon touching the end another team member swam off in the other direction (no diving in the shallow end). The team would continue to rotate swimming for the whole session – Simple. Err, not exactly, as Tuffs are a competitive bunch and as soon as the whistle blew, the first swimmers powered off with the hollering and support from team mates ensuring that everyone wanted to play their part. Previously we used a 50 m format but 25m ensured a rapid turnaround really keeping everyone on the team involved.

Such was the competitive nature of the session that our illustrious 8 lane counters were on hand to ensure the correct totals were recorded and ensure that the very few rules were enforced – a big thank you to Angela, Colin, Dan, Debbie, Kate, Sheila and Vicki & Wendy in counting, whilst trying to avoid the wash from the divers. Clive was time keeper and photographer. Thanks to Kev for galvanising swimmers at the shallow end and Adrian for some videoing in between lengths.

What was so impressive was Barry’s efforts in grading teams as all eight teams were so close together as the final whistle sounded. It was disappointing that two last minute swim declines meant two teams had to push hard to compete with just four swimmers in their team so particular kudos to team ‘Catch Uppers’ and the ‘Scull Kings’. The total number of lengths swam saw the winning team notch up 158 lengths with the seventh team just 7 lengths behind. With barely a hand paddles width between them, the top team was Popov Pullers comprising Clare Worgan, Kate Cooper, Katie Young, Paula White & Susan Douglas. Just under one length behind was Kicktastic comprising Mark Walford, Olivia Morey, Barry Davids, Mike Barrett & Sue Simpson. Recognition goes to Catch-Uppers of Paul Howie, Glenn Parisi, Ben Abbott, & Janet Shepherd who were third on 156 lengths despite being a team of four. The Overturners of Adrian Oliver, Fraser Kidd, Les Pearce, Verity Lacey & Helen Bull also swam 156 lengths. Bubble achieved 155 lengths and were Oliver Thomas, Tiff Orton, Emma Hinton, Dom Amey & Claire Luckham. Extended Doggers (154) – Mark Sole, Gareth Coombes, Leah Simms, Will King & Catharine Gray Finger Trailers Carey Woods, Andy Gomm, Dom Chapman, Iris Bennett & Sue Neilson. Scull Kings –Jenny Oliver, Maisie Johnston, Ness Green and Chris Evans.

So with a grand total of 1,234 lengths swum at 25m, plus a few half laps squeezed in during the last few seconds that equates to a very impressive 20 miles (in just under the hour to allow for pool changeover) – that was the equivalent of swimming from The wave into Brighton Marina – Very impressive for the first Tuff Saturday swim of 2024.

Girl Power – Katie, Clare, Susan, Kate & Paula, your Resolution Swim Champions

There was a quick presentation once everyone had got changed with the top team of the Popov Pullers gaining a Chairman’s tipple. It had been intended to award a spot prize for the best belly flop over the session and there were a few contenders!. In the end Paul Howie also received a tipple. We are sure this wasn’t for the best belly flop, but he excelled in (deliberately we think!) trying to soak as many lane counters with his diving as possible 🙂 Many then headed to the Establo lounge to exchange stories about the evening.

The plaudits from all involved have been gratifying and further Power Hour’s are planned – Swim, Track, perhaps a cycle derivative -watch this space! Thanks to everyone for their part in making the evening such a success. The full photo album and video is on the following link:-

This year was the 41st staging of the Tadworth 10mile, billed as a scenic and challenging course, with the start and finish overlooked by the Duchess stand of Epsom racecourse (above) – so proper facilities to support. Glenn Parisi ran this year with Trevor Harvey with Glenn reporting as follows:-

“So, having turned down the chance to have post Resolution swim beers with my team the night before (so that I didn’t have a sore head for this) I hoped for a good day. I met Trev Harvey (the slimmer twin of Clive) at the start on Epsom race course. We had arrived typically mega early so had plenty of time for two coffees and chocolate bars each before we set off! The race started at 11:30 so it wasn’t quite as cold as it had been earlier in the morning (but still fookin freezing for me!)”.

“The course was a two lap “Undulating”, part cross country, part road which turned out to be less muddy than the quagmire that Trev had warned me about!
(I’m sure he was just trying to mess with my head…. But I beat him by miles so it didn’t work! :). This was a well run, cheap (ish) race that I’d recommend looking at for next year (Trev’s done it six or seven times before!). A naff wooden medal at the end was the only downside to the event really.

We had more coffee at the end and then I drove home with the heater on full blast all the way! Multiple beers followed (to make up for the stupidity of not drinking the night before!).

After a flurry of parkruns over the festive period, less Tuffs were out parkrunning this Saturday; but still some great results from the following:-

At Worthing parkrun it is great to see Henry Teague-Smith back in parkrun action. Whilst getting back into running since the birth of his daughter , Henry still produced a strong 19:26. Ed Lay crossed the line in 22:31. Next up a huge kudos to Colin Simpson on mulitple fronts. Colin was first in his age group in a fine 75% age grading on the occasion of his 250th parkrun – what an achievement. Colin has achieved this across a spread of 78 different parkrun locations with Littlehampton his ‘local’, amassing 60 runs there. Sue Simpson was also present as she took her total to 213 parkruns.

Littlehampton parkrun saw Fraser Kidd as our first Tuff home in a strong time, clearly not resting ahead of the evening’s Power Hour swim. Alistair Evans was our next runner. Chris Evans crossed the line to complete his 6th Littlehampton run and pleasing to see how his times are progressing as this week he gained his 4th PB improving by 21 seconds over last weekend.

Lancing parkrun saw Jay McCardle participate along the seafront course before heading off to a long swim session.

Bevendean parkrun is staged entirely on downland grassland (so trail shoes are recommended) close to the Amex stadium north of Brighton. This week Kate Evans ran here for the third time and achieved a new PB. Sheila Bailey was also running, here for the second time.

Well done to all ten

It was extremely unfortunate that we had to cancel our Awards evening on the 1st December. This was due to the heating failing at The Venue in Worthing, leaving conditions too cold to proceed. The replacement date is set for Friday 23rd February. Whilst everyone was informed of this switch previously, it is worth restating in this Round Up in case those who had been unable to attend last year might be free to attend this revised date. Tickets are still available to purchase HERE We are grateful to MAK restaurant who are continuing to provide the food for the evening. A goody bag for attendees is impressive and raffle tickets are on sale for those who still haven’t purchased. A huge thanks to Mike Barrett and his team for all their effort put in prior to December only to have the evening scuppered creating even more work; and then redoubling their efforts; but rest assured this is THE do you certainly will not want to miss.

We were delighted to previously announce Mark Sole as our new Gents Captain. Thanks to Adrian Oliver for his sterling work over this two year tenure as Captain. Mark joins Verity Lacey who is our Ladies Captain who is mid way through her captaincy. Neither Mark nor Verity need introducing but it is a great excuse for a meet up and social at their Meet The Captains. Therefore you are all invited along on Friday 19th January from 7pm. Don’t forget Tuff Fitty is your club, so please do come along and discuss with Mark & Verity any ideas you have for the coming year. The venue is The Fox Arundel Rd, Worthing BN13 3UJ – come for a social, perhaps have a drink and food is excellent if you wanted a bite to eat

With lighter evenings on their way and people look at their potential races for 2024 – have you got your Tuff race kit sorted? Thursday January 25th from 7pm there is a Champion Sys expo of race kit being held at The Wave. The timing is deliberate as after the expo is our usual Thursday night swim session at 8pm, so come and do the double – although anyone is welcome to come along just for the kit session.

Champion’s kit is always well received as there are different styles to suit all requirements and the range is extensive covering a wide range of disciplines. However there is always the concern where people say, ‘I’d like some race kit but am wary as I don’t know which size would fit ‘. This is being addressed as Thursday 25th is a great chance for people to try kit on, and gain advice about how to use the ordering system. Close to the ‘expo room’ are ladies and gents dry changing areas so feel able to try kit which will enable you to order in confidence. It addition to the ‘try before you buy’ there will be our existing stock held, plus some stock from Zone3 so you may just find a bargain.

Finally in common with all race kit suppliers, we do need to collate an order of a minimum number of garments for it to be processed. We are hoping to complete an order, BUT we do need to warn everyone that the order will then be submitted after the 11th February. After that we would need to wait for a further minimum order, so essentially if you are looking for Tuff race kit – you need to ensure you get your requirements onto the system before the 11th February. Whilst the above relates to Champion Systems, don’t forget we still have our partnership with our leisurewear supplier – local based Pinnacle. So if you are looking for a Tuff hoodie for those early mornings in transition, or simply a garment that oozes street cred, again, come along and see what the options are (no minimum order for PInnacle Hoodies & Trackies.

Once again for the Champion kit, you will need to participate in this round of ordering to ensure you don’t miss out this year.