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Weekend Round Up 17th 18th October

This weekend proved quieter on the race front, although we have still been able to stage most of our training sessions on a socially distanced number constrained way. However we do have one race that went ahead, so Tuffs are continuing to find events to attend


We start this round up with the brilliant news of the arrival of Freddie Goddard who arrived safely weighing in at 4.8kg/ 10lbs8oz. Many Congratulations to Katie & Tom and along with Devon making their family a foursome, we wish the whole family every health and happiness for the future

Tiff, Debbie & Jon


As the name suggests this was a Half marathon scheduled for the Spring which had to be postponed and was held on the Saturday of this weekend. Billed as a course ‘in a forest with trails, hills and views!’ there were a trio of Tuffs, Debbie Boxall, Tiff Orton and Jon Roper who lined up on the start line. The three have racing pedigree here having run a headtorch night run last year, but this was slightly different in that they didn’t start at the top of the QE park. Tiff reported they had to start at the bottom so the only way was up, but they all did well and received a stonking piece of bling for their troubles. First Tuff home was Jon, followed by Debbie & Tiff who ran together; three good results out of 190 finishers.


There have been some fantastic cycle mileage accrued during our long hot summer by the Tuff collective. Unfortunately the colder days have arrived, darkness is creeping in and with it quite a bit of moisture. Many Tuffs train using aids like Zwift which is billed as “a turbo trainer game that enables you to link your turbo trainer up your computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, letting you ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment, therefore helping to alleviate some of the boredom associated with indoor riding”. It is understood that some Tuffs use other systems to train such as Peleton, but Zwift is the most popular with over half a million subscribers, and many Tuffs are already onboard with some virtually riding together. For our membership who may be considering joining Zwift we are indebted to Richard Hobbs who has volunteered to host some rides – dates and times set out on our Tuff Spond app commencing from November 17th .

For those of our members already on Zwift hopefully it will provide a motivation to join another ride. For those members who have considered Zwift this early notification of the first wider Tuff club rider may be of interest . “Err what equipment do I need” is likely to be one of the first questions to consider. The following link sets out the equipment required and cost of subscribing, (although there is a 7 day free trial to see if this is for you) the link is here.